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    U.S. to protect Pacific marine area “three times the size of Texas”

    The new US Marine Protected Area is in the Pacific Ocean, south-west of Hawaii.

    Salmon Scotland protests new Highly Protected Marine Areas

    Up to 10% of Scotland's coastal waters will be protected, with aquaculture and fishing banned in designated areas.

    A bad deal for Norway: a US investor’s view of the proposed ground rent tax

    WeAreAquaculture spoke to David Hodges, the US global investor determined to warn politicians and the public about the "hidden penalties of Norway's proposed new tax.

    Biden unveils USA Ocean Climate Action Plan, including “climate-ready” fisheries and aquaculture

    Launched by President Biden in March, the plan aims to protect coastal communities and enhance the resilience of fisheries, aquaculture, and fishing communities who are dependent on the ocean.

    Nova Scotia freezes fish farming applications for up to 3 years

    The Nova Scotia government halts new applications while it adopts a "traffic light" system for fish farming licenses, similar to that of Norway.

    Aquaculture boosts Australia’s seafood value to $3.63 billion in 2023

    Australian fisheries and aquaculture outlook report for 2023 highlights key role of aquaculture, while warning of slight downturn in total production value from 2024-2028

    UK is “alone in Europe” in restricting cultivation of Pacific oysters

    Pacific Oysters are considered an "invasive species" in the UK, but many shellfish farmers depend on them. WeAreAquaculture spoke to the Shellfish Association of Great Britain to learn more.

    Nova Scotia: more transparency needed for aquaculture, says report

    A new report commissioned by Nova Scotia's Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture calls for more information to be made available on aquaculture regulation for both citizens and the industry.

    Stolt Sea Farm achieves record sales and production, but profits down in 2022

    Stolt Sea Farm (SSF) has released its end-of-year report for 2022, looking back at what CEO Jordi Trias Fita calls a "milestone year".

    Andfjord Salmon reports “solid growth” in 2022

    The salmon farmer reports strong growth and high survival rate at its land-based pool at Andøya, Norway, with first harvest due in mid 2023.

    University of Maine launches first national survey of seafood marketing

    The American Seafood Harvesters Marketing Practices Survey aims to capture data on seafood marketing across the US.

    SWEN Capital Partners’ Blue Ocean Fund closes at €170 million

    The impact fund invests directly in unlisted, innovative start-ups working to support ocean health regeneration.

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    Bumble Bee will no longer be a “fair and safe supply chain”

    The agreement outlaws some of the claims that defined Bumble Bee's products. These include "fair and safe supply chain" and "fair and responsible working conditions"

    The “salmon tax” proposal will be presented today to the King-in-Council

    Throughout the morning the Norwegian government will present a proposal...

    Salmon farming, one of the most important economic engines of the last three decades in Chile

    Chile has generated an added value of US$ 5,282 million through salmon farming, which represents 2.1% of the national GDP.

    SpiroFri against spironucleosis

    The project has received NOK 7 million in research funding support from the fisheries and aquaculture industry and has a total budget of NOK 8.9 million