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    BC anti-salmon farming activists slip on the peer-review process

    So says the BC Salmon Farmers Association, which states that long-term independent data show salmon farms are not a major determinant of sea lice levels in wild juvenile salmon.

    Police investigation opened in Iceland into Arctic Fish escape

    Requested by the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority, if the charges turn out to be serious, fines and even prison sentences could be requested for those responsible for Arctic Fish according to the Fish Farming Law.

    Cooke seeks to expand its operations in Nova Scotia

    The Nova Scotia Aquaculture Review Board will decide on Cooke's applications for two new licenses in Liverpool Bay next February.

    First commercial Atlantic salmon farming facility built in Japan completed

    Following the completion of the construction work, Proximar has today taken ownership of the entire land-based salmon farming facility in Oyama, Japan.

    USD 200 million to electrify Ecuador’s shrimp farms

    This development aligns with international sustainability standards and prepares Ecuador's shrimp farms for a more sustainable and economically stable future.

    Peru to prioritize credits for fishermen affected by the cancellation of the anchovy season

    "My administration will prioritize credit facilities for the fishing sector," said Peru's new Minister of Production, Ana María Choquehuanca.

    Iceland’s Arctic Fish reports escape in one of its pens

    The company, which is already working to fix it, has informed the authorities and offered to pay for measures to ensure that escaped salmon entering the rivers do not mix with wild salmon.

    Sealord to become New Zealand’s biggest seafood business

    It will become a reality when Sealord completes the purchase of the privately held Independent Fisheries. After reaching an agreement, they just wait to get all the necessary approvals.

    Lending banks urgently seek investors interested in Avramar

    Deloitte is looking for a solution to allow the uninterrupted continuation of the business activity in addition to the management of Avramar's debt, which amounts to EUR 450 million.

    Blumar sentenced for providing authorities with false information on pharmacological treatment

    In addition to a financial fine, the Chilean salmon producer faces the suspension of a production cycle for submitting false information to Sernapesca.

    Despite salmon tax, Nova Sea’s new slaughterhouse in Lovund to become a reality

    The construction of the new Nova Sea slaughterhouse, which had been put on hold by the salmon tax, will mean the creation of between 10 and 40 new jobs.

    Elin Risvik appointed CTO of Aqua Robotics

    The new CTO promises creativity and pragmatism to improve the HALO cleaning robot, while the company says she "will lift Norwegian farming technology."

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    Pancreatic disease outbreak in Ystøya?

    The Norwegian Food Safety Authority has sounded the alarm over a possible outbreak of pancreatic disease (PD) in Ystøya in the municipality of Alstahaug in Nordland county.

    A taste for Norwegian seaweed: Tekslo Seafood 

    Tekslo CEO and co-founder Runar Trellevik and Marianne Skogvold, Marketing Director share their aspirations for Norwegian seaweed products.

    Océano Seafood achieves its first U.S. acquisition by purchasing Sea Fresh USA

    The Peruvian company Océano Seafood, based in Lima, has acquired the entire American company Sea Fresh USA, located in Kingston, Rhode Island.

    The Marine Chemistry, Berta Contreras, is now leading Benchmark Genetics Chile

    Berta Contreras Mutis has assumed her role as General Manager of Benchmark Genetics, replacing Pablo Mazo, who has transitioned to Norway.