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Zach Janiak

Talent View: Zach Janiak

Article by Andrea Mujica Pereira Our industry is building wonderful things for our world in general. Thanks to the diversity of talent and backgrounds involved in it, we can show you this. The aquaculture industry in the United States has been growing exponentially, and with-it opportunities for new talent. Today’s Talent View is the…

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Recruitment and Selection Aquaculture

Design your Aquaculture Company’s Recruitment & Selection Process – Part II

In a previous post, we discussed the initial steps to properly designing your Aquaculture Company's Recruitment and Selection process. These are extremely fundamental and foundational to a successful process, however, there are more things you need to consider when designing a process that suits your needs. So, you established what your hiring needs are, which…

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Seagriculture Europe

Seagriculture Europe 2022

The Aquaculture sector is divided into many shapes, forms, and types of production, some are Species dependent, some are more general. But something we can find in Aquaculture in any of its configurations is innovation and an aim for improvement. In recent years we have seen seaweed farming flourish and thrive. And the universalization of…

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Seagriculture USA

Seagriculture USA 2022

The Pacific Northwest of the USA has heavily engaged in seaweed farming. This type of aquaculture farming has growing benefits for the food and feed sectors, but also the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and agriculture industries. This year, the organizers of Seagriculture Europe, successfully organized since 2012, have decided to launch the USA chapter. The nature and…

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Aquafuture Spain

AquaFuture Spain ’22

To continue talking about the different events happening in our industry globally, today we want to present you with AquaFuture Spain '22. The First Edition of the International show of the Aquaculture Industry. Spain is the largest Aquaculture producer within the European Union. By 2018 the country was producing around 348,000 tones between Mussel, Sea…

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