Why is Video Marketing Essential to Recruitment

Why is Video Marketing Essential to Recruitment

Technology has shaped our recruitment practices for a couple of decades now. And the truth is technology will keep changing most of the things that surround us. Every year we will have new equipment, new strategies, new software. And we have two options, either we jump on board, or we fall behind. Today I would like to talk about how essential video marketing has become to recruitment.

The truth is, as recruiters and companies, we sometimes face candidates that do not do basic research about our company. But another challenge we sometimes face is trying to deliver the right message. In what sense? Sometimes written words do not communicate everything we like them to. And honestly, the best way to show the world about our organizational culture is by actually SHOWING them. Videos have made information more digestible. So, how can videos help you communicate more effectively with your audiences?

Talent Attraction and Employer Branding

Videos will give candidates and prospect an insight or overview of what your company is like. While showing the world what your company is like through a video you also get to show them "a day-in-the-life" kind of content. Communicating your company culture is a big step into what your Employer Branding strategies are.

If candidates can see this in easy-to-digest short videos -1 to 3 minutes-, and this resonates with their values, they will be more likely to apply. If candidates do not feel identified with your videos, then they won't apply. The videos will become an excellent tool for attracting talent that culturally fits your organization. This is why you have to be -as always- completely genuine and authentic in the message you are sharing.

Video will also give you enough to lead other content. You can still generate written content and add links to your videos. Which will increase your digital presence and boost your SEO. Translating into effective Employer Branding elements. The more people see you, the more comfortable they will feel when being in direct contact.

Engagement and Awareness

This concept is the chimera to every Human Capital Process. For younger generations, graphic content makes you more reachable. And are more likely to interact and connect with your brand. Videos make you look more solid, real, and reachable. But, videos also make you more identifiable for future references. If job seekers or target prospects have seen videos of your brands they will identify you more easily once you get in touch with them.

By using videos and passively educating potential applicants about your organization, you will be spending less time having to promote and explain details. Hiring processes then become shorter and more effective. And effective and short hiring processes save you money as well. Your recruitment pipeline will flow more sustainably and smoothly.

At AquacultureTalent we can assist you in the creation of videos that will improve your organization's processes. enhancing not only your recruitment times and results but also your overall Employer Branding positioning. Reach out today and let's talk about your needs! Lets talk about video recruitment!

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