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She was the Fisheries and Aquaculture Manager at The Co-op

Aisla Jones has joined Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) as a Partnership Program Director. To clarify, she will work with SFP’s partners to implement sustainable seafood policies and goals. Before, Jones worked in The Co-op as the Fisheries and Aquaculture Manager for six years. 

Aisla Jones – LinkedIn profile

Regarding this appointment, Kathryn Novak, Global Markets Director at SFP, said: “We enjoyed working with her as a partner with The Co-op. Her experience working with both NGOs and industry will help deepen our relationships with SFP’s retail partners.” 

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Among her duties in The Co-op, she collaborated with seafood suppliers and developed and maintained responsible sourcing policies.

Also, she participated with WWF UK as a Seafood Sustainability Officer, and Governing Body Committee Member for MarinTrust Ltd. 

Further, Heather Sadusky has joined SFP as Partnership Program Director, North America.

Sadusky will be working with large seafood buyers in North America to develop activities to mobilize businesses to adopt more sustainable practices.

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