Mike Galan, new Peter Pan Seafood chief financial officer

Mike Galan, new Peter Pan Seafood chief financial officer

Mike Galan will join Peter Pan Seafood as its chief financial officer. According to the company, he will focus on implementing finance and accounting processes. The aim of this is to produce more value-added products and make the best use of Alaska's wild seafood resources. Galan has more than 20 years of experience in finance and accounting.

Mike Galan – Peter Pan Seafood

In addition, Galan said: "I'm eager to develop processes that will integrate the numbers with the decision-making process for the operations and sales team. So, we ensure we'reputting out the best end product forms for our customers and our business."

Before, Galan has occupied finance positions at Trident Seafoods, Weyerhaeuser Company and Hartung Glass. Besides, he mentioned his excitement for "working for a company focused on growth and added value."

Finally, Rodger May, owner and chief growth officer concluded: "We have set our focus on building and developing a dynamic team. Employees like Mike support our company culture by bringing enthusiasm, a positive attitude, leadership skills and personality to their roles."

Just a week ago, the company created two new positions to focus on value-added US products.

About Peter Pan Seafood

Peter Pan Seafood is a vertically integrated company dedicated to a strong future of prosperity and sustainability composed of Peter Pan Seafood's assets and the value-added sales channels of Northwest Fish Co., LLC. The ownership group is Rodger May of Northwest Fish, the Na'-Nuk Investment Fund, LP, and the RRG Global Partners Fund.

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