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The Farming Connect Program is a part of the Sustainable Farming Scheme agenda of the minister of Rural Affairs, Lesley Griffiths. It will attempt to support the Welsh farmers for the following years with a £22.9m Budget to achieve net-zero carbon emissions.

Its launch in 2015 is a strong indication of the positive impact that the program has had in Wales. The fact that current Farming Connect program has supported over 26,500 individuals, including 12,615 businesses.

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This program will offer business support, improves resilience, provides access to the latest innovations, and helps develop farm businesses. It is main mission is to be the farmer’s support for the next to years until reaches net-zero carbon emissions. 

Thus, the new program will run for two years until March 2025. It will focus on sustainability, improved environmental performance, and greater global competitiveness.

In Kevin Thomas’s words, the director of Lantra Wales, their “aim goal is to support all businesses to increase efficiencies while maintaining the highest standards“. All this proposal also includes benchmarking, knowledge transfer, innovation, utilizing new technologies or setting up diversified ventures.

Moreover, for the first time, the Farming Connect program will include a horticultural program and a “sheep genetics” program. Their idea is to provide sector-specific support for all farmers.

As the Minister said this plan is at a key time. It will “provide advice on how farming businesses can adapt and remain competitive.”

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