Vindheim, the CEO of Mowi, outlines why the industry is against “salmon tax”

    This Wednesday, Ivan Vindheim, CEO of Mowi, was interviewed by Reporter Eleni Giokos on US news network CNN and showed his dissatisfaction with the “salmon taxes” imposed by Norwegian government's plans.

    Biden unveils USA Ocean Climate Action Plan, including “climate-ready” fisheries and aquaculture

    Launched by President Biden in March, the plan aims to protect coastal communities and enhance the resilience of fisheries, aquaculture, and fishing communities who are dependent on the ocean.

    Alaska’s fishing industry is slowly crumbling

    A polarized political situation, lawsuits for killing whales, and historic records decrease in the salmon stock have been the main causes of tension in the Alaskan fishery.

    The Nelson Tasman region invests in the blue economy

    “There’s an enormous opportunity to leverage the good reputation of Nelson Tasman’s seafood and aquaculture sector to help connect with potential investors to boost innovation and growth”, said Nash.

    Anolytech and Redox team up for biosecure aquaculture and fisheries

    “This strategic cooperation agreement underlines our continuous efforts to offer the fishery and aquaculture industries the best possible solutions for improved biosecurity and fish welfare” said Bergman.

    Celebrating the next generation of commercial fishing in BC

    The 2023 BC Young Fishermen's Network Gathering kicks off. Two days to collaborate, learn, network, and also enjoy seafood and company.

    Californian fishermen and activists against aquaculture project in San Diego

    The dispute between opposition and advocates: local economy and environmental damage vs. sustainable food supply.

    Claudio Cerda has joined the NWAA’s 14-person Board of Directors

    Claudio R. Cerda S. has joined its 14-person Board of Directors. At present, Cerda is the General Manager of Troutlodge, a company world leader in the production of eyed trout eggs.

    European Union and Norway to safeguard western Baltic herring stocks

    The agreement, as explained by the EU, "will significantly limit herring catches". The areas affected are in order “to protect the herring stock in the western Baltic".

    Aquaculture boosts Australia’s seafood value to $3.63 billion in 2023

    Australian fisheries and aquaculture outlook report for 2023 highlights key role of aquaculture, while warning of slight downturn in total production value from 2024-2028

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