Aquaconnect continues to set its sights high and move forward

    Aquaconnect has announced its strategic expansion into West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh, a strategic move to tap into the untapped potential in the domestic...

    The Fukushima water spill is starting to take its toll on Japanese seafood products

    The first consequences of the prohibitions that China and Hong Kong imposed on Japanese seafood related to Fukushima are starting to be seen.

    First commercial Atlantic salmon farming facility built in Japan completed

    Following the completion of the construction work, Proximar has today taken ownership of the entire land-based salmon farming facility in Oyama, Japan.

    Farming salmon in the desert? Ocean Harvest seeks $180m funding

    Abu Dhabi-based company seeks "strategic investors" in its Series A funding round, for proposed RAS salmon facilities in the United Arab Emirates.

    Indonesian aquaculture startup DELOS celebrates funding success

    Aquatech startup completes its Series A funding round, and vows to "revolutionise" Indonesia's aquaculture industry.

    Cooke subsidiary Bioriginal expands in Asia and the EU

    Bioriginal, which delivers solutions to the food and nutraceutical industries, has signed two acquisitions in Japan and the Netherlands.

    India’s Captain Fresh reels in $20 million for global expansion

    Captain Fresh's successful series C funding round enables the Indian B2B seafood company to expand in Europe and the US.

    Visits to Japan in the vicinity of Fukushima to gain support

    Last Thursday, U.S. Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel visited the Fukushima region. The objective: gain international support.

    Cell-cultivated seafood products are just around the corner

    Maruha Nichiro Corporation has entered into a collaboration agreement with UMAMI Bioworks to develop and market cell-cultivated seafood products.

    Fukushima under debate: Hong Kong and China ban Japanese seafood products

    China and Hong Kong have banned the import of Japanese seafood products due to started treating radioactive water from Fukushima plant.

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