Chile pauses its concerns after the Commission’s decision

    The Joint Commission of Congress rejected the Government's indication in the SBAP bill, which, as a consequence, modified 158 of the Fisheries Act.

    Norcod increases revenues by 51% this Q1 2023

    Norcod has released its financial report for Q1 2023, showing remarkable growth and achievements. The report reveals a substantial 51% increase in revenue compared to the same period last year. Moreover, the company reported a harvest of 3,362 WFE.

    Austevoll Seafood takes note and keeps working

    Austevoll Seafood ASA (AUSS) published its 2022 annual report with a record year, although there are some areas to work on.

    Aino Olaisen the new co-chair of GSI

    Aino Olaisen has marked a feminist milestone. She is the first woman to assume the position of co-chair of GSI, alongside CEO Sophie Ryan.

    More companies against Discovery Islands licensing decision

    As reported by Sea West News, the companies Aquatrans Distributors Inc., Browns Bay Packing Company Ltd., Sure Cold Refrigerated Storage Inc., and JW Walkus Fishing Company, sued over the situation.

    Salmon Evolution signs green debt financing valued at NOK 1,550 million

    The new debt financing package is the result of a thorough process with strong interest from several leading banks following Salmon Evolution's solid operational development over the past year.

    Australis Seafood in dispute between old and new owner for environmental charges

    Joyvio claims that the transaction was unfair because the numbers reached were to harvest the salmon without regard to environmental standards and Quiroga denies this.

    Cermaq Canada “disappointed” to have to go through the courts

    “Our industry’s future appears increasingly dictated by out of touch Ottawa political priorities” stated Cermaq Canada in their communiqué.

    Last call for the Scottish to apply to the “wild fisheries fund”

    Fishing groups have until March 31 to submit applications to the "wild fisheries fund". The purpose of the program is to help save Scotland's wild salmon.

    A children’s book to teach about Aquaculture importance in food, jobs and talent

    ‘Carl's Fish Farm: An Introduction to Aquaculture’ is the title of the latest book by children's author K. Michelle...

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