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    Time to verify the hypotheses on SalMar ‘Marine Donut’

    Last September, the company took over this closed containment aquaculture system from Bluegreen which was initially to be developed by Mowi.

    Aker BioMarine’s drone to make fishing ‘smarter’

    Mariner USV, Aker BioMarine's new fishing drone, will optimize krill fishing in the Antarctic while helping to reduce CO2 footprint.

    Full replacement of fish oil with algae oil in salmon feed is possible

    We speak with Dr. Kyla Zatti, head of BioMar’s study showing that complete substitution of fish oil with algae oil not only has no detrimental effects on salmon performance but also benefits human health and the environment.

    Cermaq stocks fish in iFarm-net pens for the third time

    Cermaq reported today that it has stocked fish in iFarm-net pens for the third time, this turn at the...

    New technology in offshore wind locations could quadruple Scottish aquaculture production

    New technology for seafood production in exposed marine areas could quadruple the output of the Scottish aquaculture sector and...

    Looking for organic and sustainable octopus farming

    About a month ago Profand Group publicly confirmed that it had started its octopus farming career. However, the project...

    Technology and The People – Aquaculture Innovations

    People sometimes say machines will take over our jobs. And if you go back in history (and not too...

    Another Success Story: Pacifico Aquaculture and Per-Roar Gjerde

    Recently at AquacultureTalent, we had the pleasure of working together with Pacifico Aquaculture/Butterfly Equity to source a new CEO...

    AQT Spotlight on American Aquafarms – Closed Pen Salmon

    In our previous article about American Aquafarms we gave you a brief introduction on their plans and operations. In...

    AQT Spotlight on American Aquafarms – Introducing Closed Pen Technology to the American Industry

    We are starting our new series on one of the newest players in the United States Aquaculture Industry. American...

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