Global salmon market forecast: supply to “rebound” in 2H 2023

    Stronger biological performance and uptick in salmon supply expected, maintaining good prices for the rest of the year.

    Måsøval has a new CFO: Anders Hagestande

    Måsøval announced a few hours ago that it has a new CFO for the company, Anders Hagestande, who will take up the position effective September 18.

    Jawad Jamil is the Co-Founder and CEO of Ocean Harvest

    Jamil Jawan is the new CEO and Co-Founder of Ocean Harvest, a leading land-based aquaculture startup in Abu Dhabi.

    Swiss Blue Salmon selects VAQ to design its RAS installation

    After what it described as "an intense selection process," the Swiss land-based salmon producer decided to partner with the Norwegian RAS desinger "for the future of salmon farming."

    Måsøval 2Q2023: addressing financial challenges and exploring strategies

    Måsøval revealing difficulties in terms of revenue, profitability, ultimately leading to a negative net profit after taxes.

    Andfjord Salmon’s Kvalnes facility is progressing by leaps and bounds

    Andfjord Salmon is fully in the swing in the expansion of its land-based aquaculture facility in Kvalnes, Andøya, Norway.

    Atlantic Sapphire a difficult scenario but remains under control

    Complex 1H2023 for Atlantic Sapphire after evaluating its results, financial situation, and commercial strategy.

    Salmon tax: SalMar mulls “legal steps”, Lerøy braces for NOK 1.7bn hit

    Norwegian salmon giants SalMar and Lerøy Seafood say implementation costs alone for Norway's resource rent tax will run into the billions.

    “Best result in history” for SalMar’s Norwegian business in Q2

    SalMar's Norwegian business booms this quarter, but achievements dented slightly by biological problems in Scotland and low harvest volume in Iceland.

    Lerøy reports successful quarter, despite farming challenges

    Lerøy achieved a 17% year-on-year increase in revenue for Q2 2023, but had problems with price inflation and low harvest volumes due to biological problems.

    Mowi “all-time high” in Q2 results

    Norwegian salmon producer Mowi reports "all-time high" revenue of 1,365 million euros in Q2, performing well in all divisions.

    Mowi to sue Norwegian state over salmon tax

    Mowi CEO Ivan Vindheim will take his battle against Norway's controversial ground rent tax to court in Oslo.

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    Pancreatic disease outbreak in Ystøya?

    The Norwegian Food Safety Authority has sounded the alarm over a possible outbreak of pancreatic disease (PD) in Ystøya in the municipality of Alstahaug in Nordland county.

    A taste for Norwegian seaweed: Tekslo Seafood 

    Tekslo CEO and co-founder Runar Trellevik and Marianne Skogvold, Marketing Director share their aspirations for Norwegian seaweed products.

    Océano Seafood achieves its first U.S. acquisition by purchasing Sea Fresh USA

    The Peruvian company Océano Seafood, based in Lima, has acquired the entire American company Sea Fresh USA, located in Kingston, Rhode Island.

    The Marine Chemistry, Berta Contreras, is now leading Benchmark Genetics Chile

    Berta Contreras Mutis has assumed her role as General Manager of Benchmark Genetics, replacing Pablo Mazo, who has transitioned to Norway.