TalentView: Guillermo Renancio

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    Among the European Union, Spain is the largest Aquaculture producer with a production of around 348.000 tones in 2018. And it is very diverse when it comes to technologies and species involved in the sector. Mussel takes 50% of the production, Sea Bass 5% and Sea Bram and Rainbow Trout 6%. At least 5.000 aquaculture organizations exist in the country, which includes marine and freshwater farms. According to the most recent data by FAO, about 19.000 Spaniards worked directly in the aquaculture sector in 2015.

    AquacultureTalent has fulfilled requisitions for different companies in Spain. Grupo Nueva Pescanova is one of them. They have over 10.000 employees spread in four continents and with aquaculture operations in Ecuador, Nicaragua, India and Guatemala. In January of 2020, AquacultureTalent had the opportunity to successfully place Guillermo Renancio as the Director of Technology, Expansion and Alliance. Today, exactly one year after this signing, we have the chance to talk with Guillermo and learn about what this past year has brought him.

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