TalentView: Dafna Israel

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    Sometimes, as professionals in a field as specific as Aquaculture and Seafood, people can feel like their current job was their last career move. But Aquaculture has shown us that its growth potential means new ways and new opportunities. And this is one of the topics I want to bring to today’s Talent View. I recently got the opportunity to have a nice chat with Dafna Israel about her experience. She is currently working with Phibro Animal Health as their Global Research Manager. Dafna has been in the Israelian Aquaculture Industry for over 12 years. So let’s learn more about her Aquaculture experience, shall we?

    To begin this, Dafna’s first career choice was different from aquaculture. But growing up she was always close to life with water. When she was 5 years old she started swimming for sports, up until graduation. And her introduction to the sea was when her father gifted her a SCUBA diving course for her 12-year-old birthday. Ever since that first SCUBA course, she fell in love with the sea and started paying more attention to its needs. She became a divemaster and was involved in SCUBA for a number of years, but her first job as a professional was at a hospital. “It was okay, but it was not for me, I needed to be doing something out, with nature”. That’s when she applied for a Master’s degree in Marine Sciences and decided to later get her Ph.D. in Aquaculture.

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