Looking for organic and sustainable octopus farming

    Profand Group joins the race for octopus farming with the Octolarvae project.

    About a month ago Profand Group publicly confirmed that it had started its octopus farming career. However, the project is actually not that new. Octolarvae, as it is called, has been in operation for more than a year, but as its Technical Director of Development and Research, Álvaro Roura, tells us, “there are no deadlines set a priori”. The Spanish company is not in a hurry, it just wants to go step by step to ensure that its line of octopus farming – based on ecological principles and a sustainable cultivation method – is established with all the guarantees.

    Profand, a world leader in cephalopods, knows that patience can pay off. With increasingly overexploited fishing grounds, the solution of farming the species in aquaculture seems to be a good option not only for the market but also for its commitment to sustainability.

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