TalentView: Katharina Correa

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    Today we present you with TalentView Wanting to learn more about the experiences of women in the industry and also understand how the industry is developing in Chile I went ahead and had a conversation with Katharina Correa.

    She is a 32-year-old Veterinarian, graduated from Universidad de Chile, was born in Santiago Metropolitan Region but raised in Puerto Montt. Once she graduated from college, she made it a goal to move back to her hometown. Where she is now working for AquaChile as a Genetic Development Assistant. Katharina is also the mother of two, and I am really happy I get to share her voice with all of you.

    Chilean Aquaculture comprises the third-largest in the world and makes up about 12% of global production. In a country with 18.7 million inhabitants, the industry provides direct employment to at least 25.000 people and indirect employment to 10.000 people. Out of which at least 30% are Women.

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    Salmon production takes a big part in the Aquaculture industry in Chile. Producing, as of 2018, 844.000 tonnes. But in rising is the production of Scallops, Oysters, and Abalones. AquaChile is the second-largest Salmon producer in the world.

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