Another Success Story: Pacifico Aquaculture and Per-Roar Gjerde

Per-Roar Gjerde was formerly head of global farming operations at Mowi. Photo: Courtesy of Per-Roar Gjerde.
Per-Roar Gjerde was formerly head of global farming operations at Mowi. Photo: Courtesy of Per-Roar Gjerde.

Recently at AquacultureTalent, we had the pleasure of working together with Pacifico Aquaculture/Butterfly Equity to source a new CEO with a proven track record in leading and transforming aquaculture operations and to drive Pacifico Aquaculture ahead next phase and continue the vision of the two founders. AquacultureTalent effectively sourced together with Butterfly Equity, Per-Roar Gjerde as the new CEO of Pacifico Aquaculture.

AquacultureTalent world-class search methodology, combined with our powerful global network, proved to be an effective solution. We believe success was delivered thanks to the effective partnership between Butterfly Equity/Pacifico Aquaculture and our team.

Who Are Pacifico Aquaculture?

Pacifico Aquaculture is a pioneer company of modern ocean farming. The organization was established in 2010. And throughout their history, they have implemented countless innovations in ocean farming. Always addressing these innovations to the insurance of healthy striped bass, the health of our oceans, and the sustainability of the product. They are the only company that produces ocean-raised striped bass. Pacifico introduces a unique alternative to well-established premium fish products. And are proud possessors of a four-star BAP certification.

The organization is engaged and committed to local communities. Pacifico provides meaningful education, jobs, and training. Which expands their legacy in the industry. One of their goals is to make Baja California a global hub for sustainable Ocean Farming. Their community engagement also involves the donation of fish to those in need, beach cleanups, and much more.

Who is Per-Roar Gjerde?

Now that Mr Per-Roar is going to start in his position, let's learn a little bit about his journey towards Pacifico Aquaculture. Firstly, he is 54 years old, has been in the industry for over 20 years, and his most recent role was at MOWI as their Farming COO, which he left at the end of 2020. Per-Roar is more than ready to keep his professional career going. And his more than 20 years of experience in the industry have given him the opportunity to work at all levels of production. Hence, making him an ideal candidate for our client, Pacifico Aquaculture.

You Are Going from Working with Salmon to Seabass. What Challenges Do You Think You Would face? What Potential It May Have?

"It is going to be an interesting move. The Salmon Industry has a 60-year long history and is the pioneer in the Aquaculture industry, constantly innovating, taking risks, and challenges. All these to produce good and healthy products all around the world. On the other hand, the Seabass industry is rather at the start of becoming a worldwide industry, like salmon is. Nonetheless, they are already producing a good, tasty, and healthy protein. Certainly not without its challenges. It is an industry with great potential that counting with the right talent and knowledge, ensures a successful industry.

Now That You Are On Board, What Are The Mission and Vision for Pacifico Aquaculture?

Beyond his thrill of starting this new major role, Per-Roar believes is a bit too early to talk about mission and vision. However, the target in the Aquaculture Industry will always be to produce healthy and sustainable food. And his personal objective is to develop a market so the world sees a quality product and volumes in the organization grow.

What Excites You About This Opportunity?

What Per-Roar finds the most exciting is taking part and being involved in the development of the Seabass industry from its early stages. He considers that his knowledge and experience in the aquaculture production industry are an excellent addition for Pacifico, a company that has been doing a great job.

How Was Your Overall Experience with AquacultureTalent?

"It has been a pleasure to work with AquacultureTalent throughout this process. Which gave me the opportunity to have an interesting job in this, the best industry in the world, the aquaculture industry"

What's to come?

At AquacultureTalent and WeAreAquaculture we are more than excited to see what's coming for both, Pacifico and Per-Roar. The process was not fast, but it was not difficult. Per-Roar has shown to be a great and impeccable professional. Pacifico Aquaculture represents big innovations and opportunities. It was only natural for this match to happen. We are convinced great things will be built with this relationship we helped establish and we wish success both to Pacifico Aquaculture and Per-Roar Gjerde!

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