Jørgen Botn Thorsø

Jørgen Botn Thorsø

Our companies are able to reach goals through the hard work of all of our team members. Before we even get to fill positions or provide staff to our different clients, there is a thorough sales process involved. Jørgen Botn Thorsø has been working with DBP since January 2016 and is currently working as our Sales Manager. On top of that, he handles customer relationships with some of our clients with over 100 employees.

Seeing DBP Grow

After almost 6 years with the organization, a lot has changed in DBP as well as in Jørgen. So what has it been for him to be a part of a company and industry in constant evolution? "When I joined the company it took a lot to become familiar with everything DBP represented. In the beginning, there was a lot of training and traveling as well as customers meetings. Back in my early years with the company, we were also involved with other industries, then we decided to focus 100% on aquaculture. And to this day, it is a decision we are all very happy with. Targeting a niche and becoming specialist in it, we are able to learn so much more".

It is very important for everyone in our organization to be a specialist in this niche. Every time we go meet with a customer, either for the first time or a recurring company, we need to know about everything that is being discussed. Jørgen says our main task is to deliver qualified personnel to our customers. And the only way to do this is by possessing qualified knowledge of the industry. "After all these years we have formed a team at DBP that has taken us where we are today. It has taken hard work but also a lot of skill honing in the niche, but we have found the recipe to success".

"And none of these successes could have been possible without each of our candidates. They are the most important people in our organization". For Jørgen, no two days are the same. One moment he can be calm. And then the next minute he would need to have the muscle to be 2-3 people all by himself.

COVID Challenges

"Personally, I would say is that we have not been able to complete as many temporary placements as we would have wanted. We have been as engaged as always, working from home but still being 100% on our customers and talents. However, this cannot be compared to the actual face-to-face interactions. We live by delivering human resources, so you have to be present and meet the human as much as we can".

The Future of the Staffing Industry

"The future outlook looks good. We see a large increase and players who want to be part of the load all over Norway. Both with development licenses and new ideas. One of the things I find most gratifying is that much of the fillet production is on its way back to Norway. This is very gratifying."

Throughout the years, Jørgen Botn Thorsø has seen how even when one can say the supply of local labor is decreasing, more young people are investing in their education and professional backgrounds. This is in order to go back to coastal communities and continue improving and innovating in the Aquaculture industry.

How does it feel to be part of the value chain of the world's largest salmon producer?

"Proud and fun! It is very fun to be a part of delivering good candidates to them. We have almost daily contact regarding the staffing and plans, so you have become known in a way that is very important to me. I do not think we would have been delivering candidates for them for as many years as we have been if they were not happy with our job and the candidates we deliver to them".

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