Laetitia Tricaud

Laetitia Tricaud

Each of our team members has made our Talent Cluster grow in different ways. Even our newest addition, Laetitia (Laëtitia) Tricaud, has taken our organization in a direction towards growth and progress within the recruitment sector in Aquaculture and Seafood. You are probably curious about who Laetitia is, what is her background, and what her role within AquacultureTalent is. This is why today I want to share with you her Aquaculture Story and her key role within our company.

Human Resources as a Career

Laetitia has been a Human Resources Specialist and Manager for more than 15 years, and the reasons behind her long-lasting participation in the sector are various. She is very passionate about personnel development, the support of others, and change.

"My experiences have given me an opportunity to perform an operational and strategic role in order to support managers in the structuring and organization of their practices. To me is more than Recruiting for them, but also making Talent Development a real recruitment policy".

For Laetitia, developing herself in Recruitment means being a part of a human adventure, professionally and personally, not only for candidates but for companies. "The period in which we are living is shaping and reinventing companies and the vision of recruitment they have built. It is now more concerning for companies and employers how economical and human issues are affecting their processes. And understanding these have given them the tools to support talent and improve their overall wellbeing".

Laetitia Tricaud and Aquaculture

Laetitia is a Senior Advisor at AquacultureTalent. Previously, she worked in different structures in the Agro-food sectors all across the Human Resources needs. However, now at AquacultureTalent, she is focusing on recruitment "which is perhaps the part of HR I prefer". She likes to recruit and is in need of the human contact inherent to recruitment.

"I am able to meet so many different people from candidates to managers and leaders, which allows me to feed myself with their experiences and knowledge. Aquaculture is a sector that is exposed to economical and environmental challenges worldwide, but these challenges are what allow it to prosper and help people make a living from fascinating roles".

Aquaculture has also given Laetitia the opportunity to meet people that are passionate about their profession and take the time to explain the challenges they can and have faced within their roles. Roles in which there is a strong respect for the cycle of life and nature, making these a priority and daily challenges, while always aiming to business success.

Joining the AquacultureTalent Team

As an Advisor, she strongly believes supporting companies and employers with their recruitment processes involves learning about them. Learning about their strategic and financial plans, as well as their human concerns. "I have experiences in strategic roles around these subjects. Which has given me the know-how of listening to them and offering them a piece of professional and benevolent advice. This way, we can ensure that our clients have the right candidates, and our candidates get the right employer".

There are so many values in Recruitment that Laetitia treasures and this industry has strong visions and missions regarding these.

"The passion, the commitment of everyone involved. But also Aquaculture as an essential economical activity. I couldn't let this opportunity with AquacultureTalent pass.

I have always wanted to be a recruitment consultant, but I didn't want to work for a generalist firm. AquacultureTalent is for me a team of experts in Aquaculture, but also in human relations and business organization. I wanted to make the shift in my career, and I am happy this new adventure is along with Aquaculturetalent. I am very happy to find a team, to be part of a new professional family, experts in our field!"

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