Ruben Botn-Jorgensen

Ruben Botn-Jorgensen

Ruben Botn-Jorgensen is originally from Oslo, Norway. He was born in the family business and has grown and helped with several aspects of the organization. Let's learn about Ruben's experience at AquacultureTalent and the Talent Cluster. "In a way, I would say I was born an entrepreneur. And by the nature of the family business, it was logical for me to take this route. Because of my background, the constant interest in the profession, I have always enjoyed the idea of running my own business".

Growing up he maintained this interest, which made him get a Bachelor's Degree in Entrepreneurship from BI Norwegian Business School. He says this might be seen as controversial as you cannot actually learn to be an entrepreneur. However, his degree was an opportunity to learn more about this passion he had, and a reason to push himself to find out what he wanted to work in! "And that there is some security in having an education".

Achievements and Professional Development within the Organization

"Working alongside Cristian is an honor, I really appreciate his competence and experience. Every single day that passes, you learn something new, Cristian has experience in most things, everything from computer systems to recruitment". For Ruben, the future of The Talent Cluster is exciting, focusing on an industry that has grown enormously, and that will keep growing. "Especially these days where CO2, environmental friendliness, and sustainability are put more focus on. Where food from aquaculture seems to be the most sustainable natural protein we have."

Ruben started working part-time as he finished his bachelor's. During those times, his role was a more administrative one, learning all different areas in the organization. He had a broad range of responsibilities. But ever since he started working full time, he feels the transition and shift have been great. In the beginning, it was a bit challenging, due to a very steep learning curve. "But the learning outcomes have been very rewarding"

Teamwork and Expansion

Ruben has learned a lot more since he started working at AquacultureTalent full-time. And he is aiming straight to achieve every goal for him and the organization. "I enjoy working with our team and am very excited for our future. As we will continue growing and expanding together as a team. Everyone within the organization appreciates that we can trust and help each other grow, on a professional as well as on a personal level".

"Working alongside Cristian is something I value very much. He has such great knowledge and experience in basically everything, which he shares and that I am forever grateful for.  We are all very excited to see what we will be able to achieve!

Vision for The Talent Cluster

"Our vision will always be seen as ambitious by others. But we believe it is important to aim high and have something to strive for. We, together as a team, will do everything in our power to become one of the largest talent companies specializing in the aquaculture industry".

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