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    The time is expensive when the company has to replace an employee who is leaving. For companies in aquaculture and seafood, it can be even more difficult to replace people.

    Losing an employee is a problem for all companies at some point in time. Often, the best “heads” and key people finish, making the situation difficult.

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    Losing employees can destabilize the organization for shorter or longer periods. Not only does the company lose important skills, but the colleagues of the person who ends up will be one person less. It will often cause extra workload for them. Affect everything from day-to-day operations to corporate culture and customer relationships.

    The organization needs to hire a new person as soon as possible. If not, the progress of the organization may be detrimental. In addition, the organization may incur financial losses.

    At the same time, the risk of incorrect hiring is large, and there is usually no “quick fix”.

    Difficult for the company to hire effectively enough

    The problem is that your organization is not prepared to recruit at this time.

    A company that does not have recruitment as a core business will, therefore, have major challenges. Finding the right high-quality candidate as quickly as possible and hiring effectively.

    In this case, it would be appropriate to contact a recruiting agency with in-depth knowledge of their industry. As well as having a talent pool filled with good candidates who can fit in the position.

    AquacultureTalent streamlines the process

    By utilizing the industry knowledge of a niche company like AquacultureTalent, you are more likely to find the best talent as quickly as possible and according to your budget.

    The secret lies in efficient processes, a centralized platform, industry expertise and high-quality candidates.

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    It is not only effective processes that we can do. For we are a niche recruitment agency with a focus on aquaculture and aquaculture. It is an industry we know well and have long experience with both in Norway and abroad.

    The candidates have already been screened and interviewed

    All our candidates have already been thoroughly researched by our team of recruiters. They have long experience in the aquaculture industry and we understand what it means to have to acquire a new candidate quickly.

    With us you get full access to all active job seekers of high quality within aquaculture and aquaculture within minutes.

    If not the right candidate is to be found in our customized platform. We help you get in touch with passive candidates through our large network of companies and potential candidates as quickly as possible.

    Finding a perfect match is what we are passionate about. There is nothing that makes us more satisfied than knowing that our talents contribute to the growth of your business and industry.

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