Which Factors Influence Employer Branding in Aquaculture and Seafood?

Which Factors Influence Employer Branding in Aquaculture and Seafood?

So far, we have talked about the important role Employer Branding Strategies play in our industry, as well as the different ways you can optimize your company's employer branding. Today, we would like to discuss the different factors that influence and play a role in Employer Branding Strategies in the Aquaculture and Seafood Industries. For everything we do in our organization, we must remember things will or won't resonate with people. Every Employer Branding effort must be driven to show us as a great place to work. With a personality, mission, values, and culture that people feel identified with.

Being in this industry for so long and having specialized and qualified employees to design and implement Employer Branding has put us in a position where we need to share with you our knowledge on this matter. So, what factors influence Employer Branding strategies and efforts in the Aquaculture and Seafood industries? Let's dive in!

Candidates' Expectations

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Qualified, skilled, and willing talent in our industry is scarce. And they know it! And this is one of the main reasons you should portray yourself as a great place to work, why you should have the best employer branding strategy in place. People have goals and expectations regarding their professional development. But we are also in a time in our industry where talent values horizontal communication.

Candidate's expectations in our industry are of course based on the salary you will be able to pay them. But let's remember there is an emotional salary we also need to offer them. Among those I already mentioned communication, but you must also take into consideration aspects that are inherent to our industry such as innovation and technological opportunities. Also the possibility of growth within the industry, days off, vacations, mental-health days. As well as integration within the team and transparency within the organization. No salary is enough if you are not offering great benefits in these categories.

You In the Market

Your talent competition is very dependent on the benefits you offer to your current and prospective employees, but also on who you are in the market. What product are you offering, what's its quality and positioning among others. What efforts are you doing to improve your product and results? Are you open to new ideas that will place your product in a better position? Is your product in a growing market or a stalled one. What you are doing for the environment and which social responsibility causes your company supports.

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Talent in our industry is more aware of the scope of their actions compared to other industries, this is why when considering an opportunity or application in your organization they will assess every aspect of your business. And is all of this information available online? Or do they have to dig deep to learn the insides of your organization? Remember, a great part of what we do towards Employer Branding Strategies is on how public and accessible we are seen. Put your organization on the front page, on the first google search page.

Your Current Talent

We have said it, your best promoters and ambassadors are your current employees. They are the most human side of your organization. Especially in an industry that is looking every day for better technologies, automation, and AI. All of these improvements and changes make your organization and processes more efficient. However, you need to show them how important is the human experience.

Show the world what you do to make your current employees happy. Showcase the efforts to help them be their best version. Tell the world about your community efforts and how your employees are involved with them. And the best way you can do this is by letting your employees tell their stories and talk about their experiences in your organization. This can be done through video and graphics on your company page. But you can also take a part in Talent Views to promote your organization's employee programs.

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Optimizing These Factors

At AquacultureTalent we are here to make your life easier! We know how much effort considering these and many other factors are when you are trying to focus on business. With a deep assessment of your organization, we offer you a complete and tailored Employer Branding Program for your organization. This way you worry less about this important matter. Contact us today for a consultation about our Employer Branding and Recruitment Services.

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