Employer Branding in an Open Talent Economy

Employer Branding in an Open Talent Economy

In 2016 Deloitte defined "Open Talent Economy" as a way of conducting business that is collaborative, rapid-cycle, and technology-driven. Characterized by companies and talent seeking out for each other with pre-defined objectives that will escalate business for both of them. Organizations that establish Open Talent Economy strategies rely on an expanded network of talent. Which includes Outsourced, Partners, Freelancers, and Open Sourced Talent. Designing these strategies requires work from within the organization. Hence, defining their business strategy and prioritizing talent based on its needs. In the past, we have talked about the importance of Employer Branding. But, does this game change for Employer Branding Strategies in an Open Talent Economy? Let's find out!

Work Conditions

Open Talent Economy implies the introduction of independent workers, freelancers, consultants, and temporary workers to the organization. So, the complexity and work pace will be different. Getting ahold of these types of collaborators can sometimes be more simple for organizations. This talent will then be more open and have more mobility opportunities than other types of collaborators. Their skills are very popular amongst organizations. Also, people no longer need to sit in an office from 9 to 5 they can become your collaborators from anywhere in the world, the internet is in their hands now.

First, you will need to invest in your organization. And the best way to do this is by investing in the right talent. Something you will need to plan ahead of time. Your business and growth needs will determine the development, implementation, and management of this strategy.

Employer Branding and Open Talent Economy

The most important thing to highlight about the Open Talent Economy is the independence of these collaborators. They are not your employees. So, how can you design an Employer Branding Strategy for talent that is not looking to be your employee?

Work can be done outside of your company premises and this is the first thing you must understand. Open Talent Economy is mainly about sufficing your needs as an organization. Even though the Open Talent Economy can be linked to the outsourcing of services in many aspects. Temporary or seasonal type of arrangements will be covering these needs. These collaborators are not replacing your workforce, but complementing it in any aspect they may be needing.

Open Talent Economy lets you find new ways to solve your business needs. You won't need to rely on talent that is only in your country. This opens the doors for great talent overseas. As well as contracting the work of a group of individuals that are experts in a topic and can help you suffice your needs.

Build Your Strategy

Just like with any other Employer Branding Strategy, you need to set things straight with yourself. Understand what your business goals and needs are. Comprehend which talents or skills are needed to solve them. As well as making sure these cannot be filled through regular employment channels or by investing in your current employees. Sketch out who your ideal collaborators are. Elaborate and outline the ways and tools you will be using to measure collaborators' performance. What are your quality standards are and which benchmarks are essential for the department or the organization.

To Close

At AquacultureTalent we are here to help you build an Employer Branding Strategy tailored to your organization's characteristics, needs, and goals. With qualified team members experienced not only in the Aquaculture, Seafood, and Fisheries industries, with a broad understanding of social and organizational processes. This ensures your organization will have the best Employer Branding Strategy in place! Contact us today!

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