Why is Employer Branding so Important for Recruitment?

A beautiful colored umbrella rests folded against a brick wall illuminated by the first rays of sun after the rain.
A beautiful colored umbrella rests folded against a brick wall illuminated by the first rays of sun after the rain.

In a previous post, we talked about how Employer Branding and Recruitment are connected. Which provided you with some insights on why you should start implementing Employer Branding strategies in order to improve your recruitment results. Today, we would like to further discuss the importance of this relationship. When you finish reading this entry you would want to start boosting your employer branding strategies. So, let's dive in!

In our industry, it is extremely necessary to hire the best and most qualified candidates. This is why Employer Branding has been playing such an important role. Especially after two years of a pandemic. So, when FISHING for new talent, why does employer branding play such an important role?

Improves Candidate's Experience

Every effort we take on our recruitment process is of course thought and put in place to fill in vacant positions in our organization. However, more and more each day, our processes are candidate-driven. Putting the best tools, technologies, and methodologies to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience for every job applicant. if your employer brand is strong and well designed, you will be delivering a great candidate experience. This will then positively affect their decision if you choose to move along in the process with them.

We Live in a Social Network World

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And this is why every effort and activity you engage with on your company's socials will have an impact on your results. Consumers will perceive your brand as stronger, and so will prospect talent. This way, It will be easier for Candidates if more information about your organization and its processes is available. More information will help them understand, for example, what you are really made of. And this will create a pre-identity with those candidates that feel attracted to you. Making it easier to secure their decision to join your organization.

Cost Reduction

We have said it in the past, but it is important to say it again. Having a well thought and proper Employer Branding Strategy will help you save money in the long run. And as organizations we know if something helps us save money we MUST give it a go. Your organization will invest less time trying to fill in those vacant positions, and talent will come naturally, you won't have to look under the rocks for them. Then you can reinvest this money you are saving on recruitment, into making your employer brand more strong.

In Conclusion

Your Employer Brand speaks distances about your organization and culture. If you want it to speak wonders, contact us today at AquacultureTalent. After carrying out a deep analysis of your organization, our team starts the process of designing the best Employer Branding Strategy and Recruitment Process for you. We tailor each of our Employer Branding Strategies to your business' needs and characteristics. Different elements compose our strategies, this will ensure great Attraction and Retention results.

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