What Lies Beneath Seaspiracy?

    The Netflix documentary on the seafood industry has shocked both the sector and the general public. We think the best way to approach the subject is through fact-checking, so we do it in a series of articles. This is the first of four.

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    For a couple of years now I have committed myself to this industry. Trusting most of the things I read about sustainability in it. Then just a few weeks into the industry I attended the SENA in Boston. And felt encouraged with claims of sustainability from different companies around the world. For the last couple of years, I had been in love with Aquaculture. Maybe idolizing it just like a kid does their parents. I have to be honest. I watched the documentary “Seaspiracy” -which I will be addressing from this point on as, for what it is, a “film“-. It shocked me, my heart broke, and I felt disappointed.

    It was maybe that same feeling of growing up and realizing your parents make mistakes too. So, perhaps I was a little naïve thinking everyone in the industry had sustainable practices. But I could not sleep -literally- thinking that every company was harming our planet. I consider myself an ecologist, so, everything in the film made me feel bummed. I was quick to jump to conclusions and feel disappointed over everything I watched. But my coming up and my career have taught me something I will always cherish: fact check. So, let us go over some of the different topics addressed in the film.

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