Apply for the dream job, even if you are not the ideal candidate


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    High school or college graduate? Or maybe looking for a career change to Aquaculture and Seafood?

    You are surely looking for the “perfect” job, and the best recommendation is to fight for the job you want, even if your CV does not entirely correspond to the job requirements, writes The Guardian.

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    Show what you can do for the company

    Companies are greatly ambitious, so if you are a fresh graduate and want to get the job you want, think about it and explain to the employer how you can contribute to the success of your organization. Sometimes it might be difficult to include all your attributes in your resume, so be prepared to “shine” in your letter of intent. It is good not to focus solely on previous qualifications or previous work experiences, but to try to highlight skills and competences, achievements in the past as well as expectations about your career. It also supports everything you say about yourself with strong examples.


    Dedication and perseverance do well in CV when you apply for an internship or a beginner’s post. Sending multiple CVs in an industry like aquaculture can affect career. So the answer is to use a profile like on AquacultureTalent, we go behind CV, we/you create a profile personalized for this industry. However you must spend enough time to personalize you intention letter.

    Ensure that each Profile information is correct because any neglected detail such as the date you started a particular job or the license grade could affect your recruitment process. Once you have set up all the details, try to surprise the potential employer. In the Profile, as well as in your letter of intent, emphasize how your abilities will be found in your work if you get the job you want.

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    Online presence counts

    It is a good time to make sure that in the recruitment process you will not suffer from your presence in the online environment. Therefore, analyze each profile you have on a social networking site and remove any unwanted items for employers as well as pictures from certain parties.

    Then start contacting people who might recommend you to a prospective employer. At the beginning of your career you may not have a lot of work experience, so for references, call your former teachers or colleagues from some projects.

    Preparing for the interview

    You applied for the job you wanted and you were called to a interview, so it’s time to get ready. The representative or representatives of the company will ask you more questions during the interview, but you can also surprise them with good questions. Ask as many questions as possible and ask about the role you will have in the organization, the team in which you will work and the future development opportunities. Any smart question you will address will demonstrate to the potential employer that you are an energy candidate who is passionate about the job he has applied to.

    Feedback in competition

    Unemployment among young people shows that there is a fierce competition on the labor market. It is very important that you do not get discouraged when your resume is rejected. The best thing you can do is ask for feedback. The only way you can increase your chances of hiring is to understand what you need to improve.

    On AquacultureTalent, we have your back, we work with you all the way until you reach your career goal, we are working hard to review and give feedback to all registered Talents!

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