Din Bemannings Partner (DBP) and AquacultureTalent a Story of Success in Recruitment and Staffing

Din Bemannings Partner (DBP) and AquacultureTalent a Story of Success in Recruitment and Staffing

Having a new member join your team can be a task that takes a lot of time. From your current employees, from running your business and it could be very costly. Therefore, you should not take it lightly when making the decision to have a new addition to your team. Recognizing that opens the door for DBP, -which translates to Your Staffing Partner-, and AquacultureTalent, our sister companies. 

Where it all started 

When Jon Botn Jørgensen founded DBP the focus was on aquaculture, fishery, and seafood. Serving the industry's entirety in Nordic Countries and beyond. Now, more than 10 years later, DBP has over 600 employees, serving and supporting the industry in the area. On average, our staff produces 2 out of 5 salmon products.  

DBP is a Recruitment and Staffing Agency based in Norway that has commitment, experience, and knowledge within the industry. DBP's core values include helping companies find the best candidates.  

Our job is to find the best talent customized to your needs. 

The company has centered its services on recruitment and selection of managers, specialists, and employees for permanent positions. Being the only recruitment and staffing agency that is 100% focused on the aquaculture and seafood industry. Providing experienced and highly qualified employees with local affiliation to your company. 

However, DBP has had clients that presented needs different from permanent positions. They were looking for something more short-termed, so DBP started offering temp-to-hire employees through their Staffing Solution. Providing flexibility to its clients, offering great opportunities to its talent, maintaining high-quality talent. Which transforms -in the long term- to staffing employees being moved into permanent positions.  

Guaranteed High-Quality Talent 

All DBP's talent goes through a thorough vetting process. Which involves deep interviews, reference checks, and background checks (diplomas and certificates) before shortlisting candidates to the final client. The talent pool goes anywhere from newly-grads to long-experienced workers, covering different assignments and unique needs clients may present. 

With years of experience and expertise in the industry, we make sure to find the best specialists and leaders within. Delivering safe, quality-assured, and industry-specialized staffing and recruitment solutions. Making DBP the go-to option when trying to cover needs in those categories. 

Where we are heading

Jon And Cristian Popa, with a combined experience in recruitment for Aquaculture and Seafood of over 30 years, decided to take the idea to a global level. In 2015 they launched AquacultureTalent, with the intention to serve the industry globally. Providing quality talent and services to and from all around the world. Because they were able to see how happy DBPartners along the Nordic countries were with their temporary staff and new permanent hires,

AquacultureTalent has managed to offer services on every continent, with clients in over 20 countries. Impacting the global industry in an immensely positive way. In 2019 we finally established a subsidiary in California, after 3 consecutive successful years operating in the US market. 

One of a Kind Service – DBP and AquacultureTalent

DBP and AquacultureTalent are not only our sister companies but the ones and only of their kind serving the Aquaculture, Seafood, and Fishery industry. With services such as Staffing, Executive Search, and Headhunting on a global level. 

The companies' current goal is to at all times make our customers happy. To always deliver according to the customer's wishes. By reaching our set goals at any time, the companies will automatically expand. Above all, is through a lot of learning and efforts, DBP and AquacultureTalent, have been able to keep our talents and our clients happy. Some of our talents recently shared their experience with our services. 

How does our assigned staff feel at their current job and with DBP? 

Arturas Varkalis

He decided to share his experience with me. Arturas moved to Norway, from Lithuania in July with the assistance of DBP. He says his overall experience has been positive. "When I moved to Norway in July, there were travel restrictions to get into the country and the mandatory quarantine for every one entering. Erik provided all the necessary documentation to pass the Norwegian border, organized a place to stay for the quarantine and DBP housing to live at after quarantine, helped me out big time when my car broke down pretty much as soon as I entered Norway (500 kilometers away from the destination) and has been a big help ever since."

Arturas is currently assigned to one of our clients and he says the company is very well organized and provides good training, with high rotation between positions "[…] keeping the workforce flexible, work less tedious and splitting the less desirable positions throughout the staff. The foremen of our department are fairly patient and don't push workers too hard." 

Svetlana Stesova

For Svetlana her experience has been similar. She has been working through DBP for 7 years now. "I have had a consistent stream of work throughout these years. My requests have been granted and contact people at DBP are always responsive. The process is organized very well, and troubleshooting is efficient." 


Jolita who has been working through DBP for the past six years feels comfortable at her current workplace. "Fairly paid, flexible and friendly to employees. Great approach to people's needs, very good communication, super friendly advisor!"  

Modestas Paliakas

Modestas Paliakas says he feels like DBP has been nothing but a good experience. "The company is serious, respect and understand people."  

Ovidijus Rackauskas

Ovidijus hasn't experienced any problem working for DBP "Everything is done professionally.  Even several members of my family have worked or are still working for this company." 

Georgia Karamani

Georgia has been with DBP since March 2020. "I can say that I did not expect a stranger to welcome us with such joy. If I needed his help he was there for me. Clearly the best manager ever. Because above all he is human and that is how he treats us.". Her current assignment is with Nova Sea and describes it as an excellent organizational culture and a friendly stressless environment.  

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