How to Write a Letter to Santa

child girl writing letter santa home near the Christmas tree
child girl writing letter santa home near the Christmas tree

Growing up we all wrote at least three letters to Santa Claus. But I can say from my own experience, sometimes Santa did not bring what I asked him for in those letters. Today on this pre-Christmas post I want to share with you some tips I have gathered from kids all around the world on how to write a good letter to Santa. It is just as important as getting our resume right or writing good cover letters when we apply for a job. So, what do we need to have in our Santa Letter?

No matter if you watched out, cried, or pout, you can still convince Santa to get you everything you want for this year. He might even forget about his good/naughty list if you are good at convincing him. It is like convincing recruiters you can be a great asset to an organization. No matter how old you are, I am sure these tips will come in handy!

Let Santa Know What You Want

This is extremely important. Santa is a remarkably busy man all year round, but especially around this season and he can sometimes forget small details. Remember, is more than 7.9 billion humans today, and even though we have Aquaculture dealing with at least a third of that number, Santa still needs some help. So, make sure you tell Santa exactly what you want!

Go Old School

Yes, technology has made things easier for a lot of us. It is thanks to technology our industry has gotten as far as it has today, and it is thanks to it we have been able to work remotely for these past 19 months. But we know sometimes people have a hard time adapting to new things, and I have a secret for you, Santa is not a Millennial. So, he likes things done the old way. If you are writing a letter to Santa, forget about emails or WhatsApp, get a piece of paper and a pen!

Be Kind and Courteous

Remember, we can forget if you were naughty all year, sort of. Anyway, when writing a letter to Santa, kids suggested we should always be respectful and friendly, this way we can prove to Santa we are working on ourselves. One thing we need to remember is that Santa is joyous, so you can also kick a few jokes in your letter, just as you would with a close friend!

How is HE?

We are writing a letter, asking for presents and what else? We need to know how Santa is feeling, just like we need to check up on our colleagues every once in a while. It has not been easy these past couple of years for anyone, maybe COVID also reached the North Pole. Ask Santa about his family, his health, what he does for fun, check up on Rudolph or the elves. We always appreciate it when people care about us and not just them.

Be Conscious

I said it is more than 7.9 billion of us waiting for Santa. So do not be too greedy when asking for gifts. The cargo space in Santa's sleigh is limited, and we need to think about the environment and the sustainability of the North Pole's operations! Not only the Aquaculture Industry needs to remain sustainable, but we all also do!

Be Thankful

Show Santa you are grateful for everything you have and everything he does. This way he will know you are someone that deserves good things in life, and this will give him the motivation to continue being so generous and kind year after year.

Identify Yourself

One of the things the kids told me is really important is that you add your name to the end of the letter, as well as your address, so Santa does not deliver your gifts to the wrong house! You need to also make sure to show Santa you are sorry for any bad behavior, and that you are willing to be better next year.

So, now that we know how to write a good letter to Santa, why don't we start? Submit your Santa Letters to: I will be sharing them with our readers and… WITH SANTA!

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