The Only Way to Move On, is to Move On!

The Only Way to Move On, is to Move On!

At the beginning of 2020, the Aquaculture and Fisheries industries were predicting minor worldwide production drops. This was because some species were set to slow down mating. Norway and Chile were, however, projecting a moderate growth, all these predictions were in line with the industry's long-term trends. Some could say some of these predictions failed because of what happened globally. Is the Industry going to be able to move on?

Fish production and trade suffered immensely at the beginning of the pandemic due to restrictions and the cessation of global markets. Consumer demand dropped because the foodservice sector was basically shut down. This also impacted the employment status of the majority of the workforce in the industry. Especially in Shellfish and Fresh fish supply.

Border restrictions and transportation difficulties have increased this problem. In recruiting as well, where some companies usually hire global talent, they had to completely stop their processes because of travel restrictions and flight cancellations. Some sites had to also reduce personnel and others were sent to work from home. This industry has had a long fling with technology. And the conditions made people engage a lot more with their devices.

Our future is still uncertain as we do not know when or how the pandemic will keep affecting our lives. But the reality we need to be ready for is that transformations will come to our industries. And we need to either be part of these transformations or jump on board when they are set.

What Does the Adaptation Process Involve?

When facing a problem, the first thing we need to be fully aware of is there is only one way out of it. And that is finding a solution. To do so we start working with what we have and start acquiring more tools. As well as techniques, and skills that would help us reach our goal. While we're at it we start facing expectations not being accomplished. For example, we were hoping by August we could go back to normal. But today we understand this is the new normal and that is what we need to work with for a while.

Although the industry did have some recruiting setbacks at the beginning of the pandemic. Once protocols were in place, and companies started hiring again, recruiters within the industry, working mostly from home now, had to adapt to the new conditions and remotely put out more fires than they used to. We are at a moment where we need to act. We cannot keep sitting out the pandemic and wait for it to pass. The only way to move on is to move on and find the right tools that could help us do so. In recruiting we provide different solutions to diverse problems you can be facing, contact AquacultureTalent today. And we will guide you through different ways to adapt to the new normal of Recruiting in the midst of the pandemic. Be part of the transformation!