How to Build the Best Job Description

How to Build the Best Job Description

We have all been on the other side of the job-seeking process at least once in our lifetime. We have all come across dozens of not-so-well-written job descriptions and ads. Ones that lack a bunch of key information that would make us choose whether we want to apply to that specific job or not. Research has shown that the average job seekers spend around 6 minutes reading a job ad. So that is about the time you have to catch their interest. And honestly, that is a lot!

So today I would like to walk you through the key to a good job description and advertisement. The first step to change things as we see them, is to make them the way we would like them to be, right?  

Use the right job title.

I know we would love to be fun, edgy, and creative. But sometimes the reason we do not get the candidates we are looking for is that the job title is not right. Make sure your job title is "trendy" and understood by all of those that fit the requirements.

Be transparent at all times.

Do not oversell your organization, be clear throughout the job description. Remember this will be the first image candidates will get of your organizational culture and you do not want to let them down at this point.

Provide a short job overview.

Share a description of the major function they will be engaging with. Explain how this position contributes to reaching larger goals and objectives within your organization. The potential for individual advancements within the company.

Be clear and open about the way success and performance is defined by this specific position.

Set things straight. Explain in a simple way what the main indicators of performance will be. And avoid using languages such as "perfectionist" or "proactive". This may rule out potential great employees that do not consider themselves to be these types of things.

Share a brief spotlight on your organization's core values.

Tell them what makes your company different than the rest. This is the right moment to make them aware of your employer branding. How your overall organizational culture is understood, in just a few sentences.


Description automatically generated">this is the center and key to a great job description. You do not want to just list a bunch of tasks, qualifications, and responsibilities. You have to best describe in a set of 5-7 bullets, with key job functions and hard skills. If we are addressing a bigger job position, then you maybe would want to divide it by sections and categories. Having 3-4 bullets per category, such as "management skills", "educational background", "technical skills: and so on. Make sure you have input from current employees in that team or the same position so you remove any criteria that are no longer necessary for the job or that can be learned within the first weeks of performing it.

Make sure to provide the necessary needs and not the "wants". As people tend to not apply if they do not have all the required qualifications listed by the recruiters. Here you must include certifications that are needed for the job.

Desirable requirements.

You have to be very cautious when using this and understand that desired is a plus and not a requirement. I would advise you to keep this "backstage". When interviewing specific candidates and not leave them out there. As, again, you may face people not applying to your job because they do not have these qualifications and skills that are a plus and not a key.

Add contact information and request referrals.

Having an email listed in your job posting is the most important thing. You need your potential candidates to reach you in case they have any questions or concerns about the job position. Another thing you must understand is that not everyone that comes across your job posting fits your requirements or is necessarily interested in applying. So the end of your post must be a call to action for those people to invite them to refer anyone they might know that may be the ideal candidate for the position you are advertising.

Great jobs descriptions are comprised of the necessary skills and qualifications. A brief review on organizational culture and employer branding, as well as a real scope of the role. You want to, at all costs, avoid a bad hire and the first step to that is having a complete job description. To make sure those candidates that are a fit for your organization's mission and culture, as well as being qualified to perform certain roles are the ones that apply to your openings.

If you want to save the hassle of building the right job description and going through all the initial processes of sourcing and telling candidates apart, you can contact us today and we will make your hiring process a lot more friendly for you, your team, and your future hires.

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