You need to hire Seafood Processors?

You need to hire Seafood Processors?

Nothing in the recruitment business has a standard formula or a unique technique. Every position, requisition, and company, demands specific strategies and tools that can help them achieve specific goals. Over time, processing has been transformed by automation and different technologies. However, that does not mean talent is expendable or easy to find.  What do you need to know when searching for Seafood Processors?

Fish production companies face a great challenge when trying to find skilled workers that would help them achieve success. And this is especially true when trying to recruit new talent for processing jobs such as scaling, gutting, filleting, packing, among other activities. These challenges can be overcome by designing and implementing effective Human Resources Strategies.  

Processing activities are essential functions in food production industries, and also provide great employment opportunities within aquaculture and seafood. The Covid-19 pandemic has increased the number of people looking for jobs. However, it is not easy to find qualified candidates with the right skill set to succeed in business. That is why today I bring you different elements you must consider when looking for Seafood Processors or training personnel to perform such duties 

What to Look For in Seafood Processors?

  • Processing equipment operation and safety guidelines can be followed to maintain quality of the products. This includes start up and shut down of equipment and machinery in the assembly line. As well as their own safety and the safety of others.  
  • Ability to receive, open, remove, place, and finish raw materials on belts either manually or using forklifts. This includes knowledge about the overall processing operations to ensure quality and safety standards.  
  • Gutting machine operation and maintenance. This includes heading, gutting, deboning, and cleaning fish for packing or freezing, then cleaning and washing work area.  
  • Stacking, loading, and preparing final product for shipment or storage. This includes sorting out final products, loading and unloading, operation of production line equipment, weighing products and cleaning work area.  
  • Preparing work area and machines for future processing activities.  
  • Ability to work in teams. This person needs to be a team player.  

Must Always Remember

When hiring seafood processors you must always remember you need to provide the correct safety measures in the workplace. As well as provide safety and work gear such as rubber boots and gloves. Wet weather gear in case you have offshore processing, wrist covers, and any other gear that may facilitate and protect your employees.  

Finding seasonal skilled workers or seafood processors can be difficult. Especially in the middle of a pandemic, AquacultureTalent is here to save you the hassle most companies go through when trying to fill these positions. We design a plan tailored to your needs and business capabilities so you can find success in a timely manner.  

If you are ready to save time and money when finding new talent, contact us today! 

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