5 rules you have to follow to be noticed by headhunters

Headhunting is a process of identifying and co-opting performers and differentiates itself from classical recruitment both through methodology and by focusing primarily on middle or top management positions.
5 rules you have to follow to be noticed by headhunters

At present, we are increasingly appealing to headhunting, even for other hierarchical levels. Ultimately, the goal is to find the best employees, and headhunting has become an important practice in the work of human resources specialists.

From the perspective of the candidate, the question remains: in a market with millions of candidates, how can I notice? There are some practical recommendations offered by HR specialists, which increase the visitor's visibility on headhunter's "radar", both online and offline:

Make sure you get positive results at work

Information circulates quickly, whether positive or negative. Be therefore recognized for your success. Being recognized in the field / company in which you work for the results achieved brings with it an image in this sense, ie the structuring of a personal branding. Headhunters will likely ask for recommendations from trusted sources in the field of activity, so building a credible and solid reputation in the field in which you work becomes an extremely important aspect.

Nothing will affect the chances of being "seen" more than being a mediocre employee. Your positioning depends on your achievements, ie your efficiency.

Participate in events, conferences, workshops

One of the most effective ways to be recognized and identified as a talent is to actively participate in the industry-specific dialogues that you are part of. Thus, participating as speakers at specific conferences or publishing relevant articles will significantly increase your visibility.

Build your knowledge network (networking)

A quality networking requires time and engagement and has to be thought over the long term – building a networking plan and strategy helps determine and organize the goals and ways to reach them. Let us not forget, however, that after establishing an important connection, we must also have a follow-up that is actually maintaining the relationship.

AquacultureTalent has in mind all this for our Talent, to be able to network the whole Aquaculture and Seafood industry, and to engage them towards new careers and new targets. 

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