From A Simple Idea To An Aquacultural Revolution

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    While many people see nothing but traditional businesses that cannot be revolutionized and have been there for a while, our team likes to think differently. The best proof for that is AquacultureTalent, the company founded to revolutionize aquaculture as an industry, connect its leaders and introduce it to many new opportunities.

    It all started 7 months ago, when a team of visionaries bonded and set the start of a global revolution. A revolution that covers two aspects – a traditional industry (aquaculture) and a job marketplace full of opportunities. That is how AquacultureTalent was born, and set for new adventures.

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    The concept of AquacultureTalent is simple. We have always aimed to ‘digitalize’ the aquaculture industry as we know it, and introduce it to a better future. As the one-and-only founders of this life-changing idea, we have created a marketplace. A marketplace where jobseekers can meet companies and look for opportunities, and a marketplace where fisheries and other companies in aquaculture can find the best talent online.

    Our model entirely leveraged the idea of the Internet – to connect and break the boundaries across the world. In that matter, we have created AquacultureTalent to be a unique and international platform that will link both sides of the aquaculture industry without which it wouldn’t exist as an industry.

    The breeding, rearing and harvesting of fish is definitely not an easy task. That is why companies have always searched for the best talent locally and in the same time, skilled candidates looked for similar opportunities worldwide. AquacultureTalent’s aim has always been to broaden the horizon of both job seekers and companies – and has been doing so for more than 6 months.

    We take extreme pleasure and pride to announce that, we have attended the ReSi Awards Gala in Las Vegas last month– where we have been nominated among the top 3 finalists for Innovator of the Year / Small Employment Site. This event is only one in the row when it comes to our achievements but in the same time a great checkpoint that lets us present our business model to the world in a new and entirely unique way.

    To celebrate AquacultureTalent’s existence and continue to work hard on developing the idea of job staffing and recruitment in the world of aquaculture, we have attend the gala and take credit for all the hard work we done on the platform so far. Most importantly, we will proudly pitch our approach, the challenges in the industry, the need for recruitment as well as the importance of creating such model. A model that has the potential to become the backbone of aquaculture in the future.

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