How can you attract and retain the best talent?

Many against one business concept as one underdog single rope pulling in a tug of war with a large group of ropes tied together as a power and leader metaphor.
Many against one business concept as one underdog single rope pulling in a tug of war with a large group of ropes tied together as a power and leader metaphor.

Every organization has one common goal with the rest, they all want the best talent to be with them. Most organizations assume money is the main magnet to Attract and Retain Talent.. But the truth is potential employees are looking for benefits other than economical benefits as well.

Companies can do a lot more to attract and retain candidates. And they overlook these options because they think those benefits do not look as good as a 6-digits salary. Prospective employees always prefer an organization with growth opportunities, good organizational culture, and competitive pay. But growth opportunities and a good organizational culture are key to hiring and retention success.

Other benefits, such as the location of your company, commute, and the ability to work from home, are factors that have gain relevancy in that formula as well. The role of the hiring manager is to be able to meet the candidate's expectations. Along with the onboarding and career opportunities the company has got to offer them. While also allowing them to have a healthy work-life balance. There is not one single algorithm to success but today I want to share key elements to a strong attraction and retention system

1. Good Hiring Team/Firm

Make sure your hiring team or hiring firm knows exactly what your company's mission and vision are. Which skills are preferable for certain positions, which values and personality traits may be the best fit for each team. This involves getting to know your teams and potential employees deeply and clearly defining what your employer branding is.

2. Build a human relationship before a business relationship.

The rapport and relationships someone gets to build as a candidate will show them a lot about how your organizational culture is. Invite potential employees to join your team at least once along your interview process and interact with those that could be part of their close work team. Not only will you show them some details about how their work would be. But also let them see for themselves how their prospect team gets along. This also allows your current employees to feel involved with the hiring process

3. Show your employees their life outside of the job is important.

I told you not everything is about the monetary compensation your employees get. If they feel like they are part of something bigger, that their work is important, and that their word is being heard, this makes a great impact on retaining the good talent. Your employees want to volunteer for a charity but do not have the time because of work? Allow them to take a week off and perform these charitable activities. This would also bring a good work-life balance and let them come back stronger!

4. Let employees become leaders.

Some organizations have started Leader In Training types of positions. Where after a couple of years with the organization they start preparing their employees to become leaders within their teams and organization. Always think of your employees as the relay organization. If you prepare your employees to grow with the organization, they are likely to stay and strengthen their skills and the overall business.

5. Become a safe place people want to be in

Kindness is the key to attracting and retaining great talent. If you show your humane and kind side from the beginning of your relationship with your potential employees and potential customers, people will feel comfortable coming to and staying with you. You don't want people that would follow you. But that will work alongside you on the path to success, show them your success as an organization will always be theirs.

Remember these are just elements you can keep in consideration when finding the best way to attract and retain talent for your organization. There is not one single formula or charm. At AquacultureTalent we tailor our solutions to your needs and your company's vision. Ensuring you that we will find top talent that fits your needs and your organizational culture. Guaranteeing their stability with you.

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