How Has Social Media Shaped Recruitment and Talent Acquisition in Aquaculture and Seafood?

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    Our daily practices and tasks have changed due to the presence of Digital Social Media. And thinking these platforms have not affected Talent Acquisition and Recruitment is naive. Other than counting with a Digital Social Media such as LinkedIn and the impact this platform has had on our professional networks. In the past, we talked about how technology has changed recruitment. But how has social media changed and shaped Talent Acquisition and Recruitment in the Aquaculture and Seafood Industries?

    Financial Impact

    This is the main of our worries whenever we are trying to do something. We understand it. Most companies are reluctant when it comes to investing money in unknown waters. And the reality is Social Media was unknown territory for a lot of organizations in these pasts 15 years. However, traditional candidate sourcing methods such as Magazines, Newspapers, and Billboards are premium priced. On the other hand, all of us have free access to a social media account.

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    Social media recruitment

    Other advertising strategies such as blogs and forums are also low-cost platforms that can help you reach a good number of candidates. Online recruitment practices may vary depending on your needs and target. However, in the Aquaculture and Seafood Industries, most Social Media practices have shown to be more time and cost-effective, as well as helped us reach wider audiences.

    Qualified Talent and Candidate Experience

    When we are looking for new talent for our company, we always want the best and most qualified. Good candidates translate into good employees, which means good results. Social Media recruitment practices have given us the advantage in the Aquaculture and Seafood industries to find more productive and better candidates. People who are involved in social media are more likely to be innovative. Social media has also given companies and candidates the opportunity and stage to build trust and relationships. And this is tightly related to building Great Employer Branding. Which is an investment that saves you money in the long run. The more time you save to get qualified candidates, the more money you can make.

    And developing great Employer Branding is obviously a good start to delivering a great candidate experience and increasing engagement. Without social media, recruitment can be detached and impersonal. You are now at the reach of anyone’s fingers, candidates can have conversations about and with you. A “you” that is reachable and transparent will certainly engage more qualified prospects and encourage them to be a part of your organization.


    Traditional sourcing methods like TV advertisement were all about getting the best, more familiar, and prettiest face. Digital Social Media gives you an advantage over the competition that does not implement social media recruitment strategies. In the Aquaculture and Seafood Industries, it provides you with a stage to showcase how dynamic and innovative your organization is or can be. But also show how much of a Great Place to Work the company is, and promotion comes naturally when your engagement is high, which increases your exposure and reach to qualified individuals. All this with your face and the face of your employees.

    So, competition who?

    Access and Use of Information

    And on this point, I want to exclusively address the Terms and Conditions. Every website and social media platform has them, and let’s be honest, none of us reads them. These agreements are usually the place where the platform informs us about the rules, guidelines, and conditions we need to follow in order to use their services. When we use a website or platform we have agreed that our information, details, and the content we shared could and may be used at the website’s discretion. And for years now, organizations have saved a lot of money on background checks, by screening their candidate’s social media platforms.

    Even though these practices are not illegal and can be time and cost-effective. We also need to face the other side of the internet. The internet can be full of dangers, lead to identity theft and hacking, fake profiles and information. This may lead organizations to think that a hacked account is the person’s authentic persona and base their decisions on what they see on social media. This is why we encourage people to use social media screening moderately and never make decisions based just on that.

    Final Words

    Digital Social Media Platforms are not a Shangri-La of platforms. They evidently present many opportunities and benefits to Companies and Job Seekers when used for sourcing and recruitment practices in the Aquaculture and Seafood Industries. But some superhero said it “with great power comes great responsibilities”. Social media platforms also present many challenges. They are a place where you can find quality candidates across generations and around the world, we just need to be careful about how we use it. It is also important to never rely exclusively on one sourcing strategy. Always count on multi-channel recruitment platforms and services.

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    At AquacultureTalent we can assist you by implementing excellent and tailored Employer Branding Strategies. We will guide you on a beneficial use of Social Media for your organization. Contact us today and we will walk you through our Employer Branding Services.

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