How has Technology Shaped Recruitment and Aquaculture Practices?

How has Technology Shaped Recruitment and Aquaculture Practices?

Over the years, technological developments have allowed the aquaculture industry and the recruitment business to transform drastically. Evolution in both industries has improved operations. But has also permitted practices that are more humane in the recruitment industry and more sustainable in aquaculture. How exactly has technology shaped Recruitment and Aquaculture Practices?

Today I am going to talk about some technological advancements and how they have transformed operations in each industry.

Internet, Technology, Recruitment and Aquaculture

Before the internet reaching out to potential candidates was a lot more limited. Where job-seekers had to access trade magazines and newspapers to have access to current job openings. Similarly in Aquaculture, we find how sensors connected to the internet detect water temperature in ponds and how that assists in determining the feeding on certain days. So fishes are not underfed, or food goes to waste. 

Video technologies

Video Technology has changed Recruitment and Aquaculture. In the recruitment process and especially during this time of the pandemic, video interviews have been money savers and have put out a lot of fires. Video interviewing technologies allow listening and seeing what candidates are and make talent more accessible. Related to the aquaculture industry, underwater cameras allow monitoring fish 24 hours. Especially when divers cannot access the site, it tracks and monitors feeding and any disturbance to the cages.

Selection Technology, Recruitment and Aquaculture

In recruitment, several AI and resume parsing software have been developed and perfected, to help headhunters find the ideal candidates in a timely manner by automatically sourcing profiles that fit the requirements recruiters are trying to fulfill. As for Aquaculture, new technologies have developed genomic selection techniques that enhance breeding quality, aiming at sustainability and profitability.

In Conclusion

Technological developments have permitted fish production and talent acquisition processes to be more transparent and streamlined. And the reality is we are expecting much more growth for technology in both. As for Recruitment, we pride ourselves on having the most advanced tools for candidate sourcing and the most capable recruiters within the industry to take on any requisition that comes their way. If you are ready to worry about the technology of your fish production while we worry about the technology behind recruitment, contact us today

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