How to Have a Successful Job Interview – After

How to Have a Successful Job Interview – After

You already learned what you should do before and during an interview. What is really important now is that you have patience. but what else? What should you do after a successful job interview in order to keep giving the best impression to your interviewers? Today I bring a short article on the next steps and closure to this Successful Job Interview Series.

You took notes during the interview as important things arose, however, it is very positive for your process and yourself that right after the interview you take notes. Write your impressions about the interview and any questions you may have.

Say "Thank You"

You should always open and close your interviews with a "thank you for having me", "thank you for your time", "thank you for considering my profile". But it is important you keep showing interest without coming off as desperate. Follow up your interview with a thank you email to your interviewers. Make sure you always get their names right before exiting your interview, you do not want to have typos.

Thank them again for the time they are taking and for reading your email. Address specificities about the role and the interview you had. Tell them about something you really liked about the interview, whether it was their approach or something about the company overall. Reassure them about how much of a fit you are for this role and how much you would like to take a part of their organization.

If the interview finished with the potentiality of another interview, let them know you will be available, do not ask directly for information about that second interview. It is important this thank you email is completely formal, that all your written communications are, regardless of the rapport that was stablished during the interviews and oral communications.

Always proofread everything you send. Check for grammar and orthography. Make sure you are mentioning everything you desire. Always check you are not over sharing. Then after 48 hours of you interview, send the email. However, if during the interview you were ask to send them anything, send it as soon as possible. And add the thank you letter to that email.

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