Improving Candidates’ Experience In Aquaculture and Seafood

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    Talent attraction has a lot of work, thought, and people behind. We have shown you the different ways you can design and improve your Employer Branding strategies. However, today I want to get into more detail on the different things and tips you can follow in order to improve the Candidate’s Experiences. This is the starting point to any Employer Branding Strategy you may want to consider. But first what exactly comprises the Candidate Experience?

    We can define this term very simply as “The way candidates feel about your company’s hiring process”. Candidate Experience is the string of interactions any job seeker has with your organization during a hiring or recruitment process. Which include any correspondence between anyone in your organization and candidates. With bots and automation is easy to lose human interaction. So, we must always find a way to improve the Candidate’s Experience on a Human Level in Aquaculture and Seafood.

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    First, which interactions and communication channels do Candidate Experience consist of? It starts from the beginning, everything you do as an organization and brand is a communication with the rest of the world. At all times. With candidates, this experience begins with your Career Site. And includes your job ads, the application process, ATS Responses, and all these are somehow automated. Right? So where do we start the human side of it?

    Candidate experience

    Your interview process is key in these interactions. Together with any correspondence or communication, the candidate has with anyone in your organization, from HR Professionals, and potential team members as well as leaders. Plus feedback and notifications about their application status. And ends with the way you approach them about an offer or reject their application.

    A positive candidate experience will leave job seekers feeling good about your organization. Make them eager to share their experience with others, and build a good reputation for you. And we know this is a good element for a positive Employer Brand. Something as effortless as “Thank you for applying” can be taken to a greater extent when you include personalized content about your candidate. Which will show them there is actual engagement in the process on your end.

    Clear Job Descriptions

    You have no idea how many times as a job seeker I found companies that were not clear about their job descriptions, offers, and needs. Make sure you know what you are looking for is exactly what your organization needs. That is the first step as we have explained in the past. Then, make sure your description is easy to read and you are not including excessive jargon. Remember the Aquaculture and Seafood industries are receptive to talents from other industries. You do not want to scare them away.

    People want to know what exactly they are getting into when applying for a job. So they want to have as much information as possible. Add a brief description of company culture and about the team, they will be involved with. This will make them be sure to apply -or not- for your openings. Have “a-day-in-the-life” kind of publication or video for those openings. This way they will have a clear and transparent briefing about what they will be doing.

    Make the application process simple for candidates.

    Don’t Ghost

    And I thought this would be an obvious thing. But I found out through job seekers all around the globe how common it is for companies to not stay in touch with them. And honestly, it is so easy to stay communicated with your candidates. We all want to stay updated and receive feedback on our processes. Maybe you do not have time to go on 10-minute calls with each of your candidates. However, this can be effectively done via email.

    Showing your candidates you are just one message away, is definitely the greatest and most important part of the human experience. Let them know in detail what the next steps are or if they are not moving forward in the recruitment process. Show them a full scope of how the process is and as they are progressing through it. Remember transparency is very important.

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    Assess your Candidates Transparently

    Sometimes candidates are in the dark about what the recruitment process is about. They take our calls. Candidates answer our questions. They join us for a set of interviews. Where they answer more questions. But what exactly is it you are trying to evaluate or rate on your candidates? You should know, as well as anyone involved in the process. And to be fair, candidates should know too. Even though many candidates can be interviewed for the same position, interview processes are not “one-size-fits-all”. Each individual can show their fitness to the role in different ways.

    Assessments are techniques that give candidates the opportunity to show their skills, adjusted to your organizational characteristics and needs. Candidates have the chance to demonstrate their abilities, you have the opportunity to evaluate their fitness to the position and the culture. But as the added value, you then have information that helps you provide more thorough feedback to each candidate.


    The recruitment process does not end once you extend an offer and is accepted. Nor does the candidate experience. We have said it before, your best ambassadors are your employees. The onboarding process is very important in that identity. We, as organizations, do not have to fix a very expensive onboarding kit that includes phones, computers, tablets, and houses, so they can post it on their social media. This is an opportunity we have to make them feel valued, confident, and welcomed.

    Encourage everyone involved in the interview process to reach out to the new hire and congratulate them. Invite their future team members to reach out through LinkedIn with a welcome message where they show they are looking forward to collaborating. Keep the new hire updated on what the onboarding process and schedule are like. Stay communicated as much as possible.

    The onboarding process will leave a permanent impression on your new hire. You want to make sure it is a positive one. Always be authentic, I believe I have said this in several opportunities. You don’t have to be extravagant and overdo yourself. Show appreciation in the most simple forms.

    In Conclusion

    Transparency, prompt feedback, realistic goals, and a good onboarding process. These will make your candidates and new hires have a positive and humane candidate experience. This translates into a good start for an efficient Employer Branding Strategy. Everyone will be benefited from the process if it’s clearly defined. At AquacultureTalent we want to assist you in redesigning your Employer Branding practices and improving your organization at every stage with great talent. Contact us today!

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