Common Recruiting Challenges in the Aquaculture and Seafood Industries

Looking out along the jettty at Loch Lomond just north of Glasgow, Scotland
Looking out along the jettty at Loch Lomond just north of Glasgow, Scotland

Many organizations within the Aquaculture and Seafood face challenges. But what are the recruiting challenges they face nowadays? How can they overcome them?

Making a name for themselves

When looking for a job, prospective candidates tend to consider who the company is. Is not about being a big company, but about showing people things they like. The things you post on the internet and word-of-mouth need to have positive symbolism for job seekers to consider applying to your vacancies or accepting your job offers.

The key to overcome this challenge is to create and execute employer branding strategies that are effective. Strategies that tell stories about your company and evidences your organizational culture. Having a blog in which you can show prospective candidates how and why your company is what it is. Perhaps sharing testimonials from your employees, briefing on what your company is currently developing, etc.

The need to look beyond their current scope

Most of the time when organizations are having a hard time finding great talent is because there are not qualified candidates where they are looking. This another of the most common Recruiting Challenges. Either we are talking about a geographical area or a platform. This means when an organization wants to find the right candidates they need to look beyond their usual channels and communities.

Reaching out or having a presence in those networks that you were not usually on will widen your talent pool. Diversifying your channels and communities is a part of having a multifaceted recruitment strategy. You should never rely on just one tool to perform your recruitment. And even then, you need to remember your employer brand needs to be appealing because when talent is scarce you will need to make sure you stand out for those hidden gems.

Long recruitment processes

You need to act better and improve your recruitment processes. Some organizations find themselves having 6 month-long recruiting processes and this can translate to losing the right candidates. Must have a recruitment process that is time and cost-effective and that includes all the relevant interviews it should. You must never sit out on a candidate. As soon as you find a candidate that fits your profile you must run them through your recruitment pipeline. Never wait too long in order to run your candidates through your recruitment and interview processes.

Remember, some candidates are being reached out to by other companies. Some of them are on other recruitment processes. You don't want to fall behind because you didn't schedule the interviews at the right time. So, make sure your process for each vacancy is sketched and planned out beforehand and once you have your candidate. Make sure all hands are on deck for the completion of the process.

Guarantee team communication and collaboration

And this is linked to the previous challenge. Your hiring process will be hampered if your company's different teams are not communicating and collaborating effectively. So, you need to have everyone on the same page about the importance of securing great talent. From executives to hiring managers to recruiters. This will speed up your hiring process as everyone will be working towards the same goal. This is also determined by your employer branding, if everyone is committed to making the company grow, and growing along with it, they will have no issue committing to hiring processes.

AquacultureTalent helps you overcome these challenges

We have a broad talent pool in the Aquaculture and Seafood industries. Using several job boards, either local or global, and with experienced recruiters, we can assure you, you will find your ideal candidate when using our services. Your worries about employer branding will not be as much, as we market and advertise all our clients accordingly. We also assist you by establishing your hiring criteria and ensuring all the parties involved in the process and decision making, on your company's end, are informed and committed to the process. 

With AquacultureTalent you have the benefit of speeding up your hiring process, improving new hire quality, and reducing the costs of recruitment and hiring. Forget Recruiting Challenges, contact us today!

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