Should we use Headhunting, maybe Recruiting directly or …?

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    Developing jobs, overspecializing in certain areas of activity and leaving the countries for new opportunities, new challenges or a better life by more than 2 million qualified Talents in aquaculture industry have brought the industry to the situation where we pay even more for a candidate that suits our expectations.

    Recruitment, the predominant theme of all organizations. We cannot find people anymore; if we find them, they are not well prepared; if they are trained, they have too high claims, and if they are perfect, they sure put their cap in the wrong position from the point of view of organizational procedures. 10-15 years ago, recruitment was one of the simplest activities that took place both in consulting companies and in employers’ organizations.

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    Today, large companies with many hiring processes per year have built recruitment departments with direct competition towards Head Hunting companies. This companies bases their recruitment on own databases created after search on job boards, social networks such as LinkedIn or Facebook, referrals or open applications hoping to identify the perfect Talent.

    Here is the ethics in bidding; there are companies that work with both the man seeking the company and the company that the candidate works for. Actually, they make an offer to get your man, then they help you, too, find a replacement. We may say that it is fair at first sight to do their job as Head Hunting, but on the other hand, this practice is not ethical to the client from whom you take the employee. Yes, you can offer a candidate from your client if he does not work for that company, but not to call his attention to a new job, following the “I just informed him” principle.

    So how should we work with Head Hunting? Simply, to accept their price on condition that they do not reach any of their own employees for a period of 1-2 years. Alternatively, we organize our own recruitment department (as we have already done over 50% of large companies) and we act as an internal consulting firm.

    Now let’s see what we should do, what other solutions are available. A good practice model would look like this:

    1. Building your job announcement with all the relevant and REAL information, perhaps even with the announcement of salary margins and benefits (stay calm, competition knows your wages), and the employee’s psycho-job profile and professional profile.
    2. Promotion of the ad (AquacultureTalent, social networks, direct promotion on target groups, job fairs, dedicated group magazines where applicable, etc.) including on your Career page (build it if you do not have over 85% of candidates are informed before applying to a job on their own company websites).
    3. You offer the opportunity to apply online both CVs and other relevant information such as professional and potential ratings – on, by mail or via the Career page on your site.
    4. Even if you lose candidates using this method, apply them with an assessment that identifies the ability to learn and adapt to the new job, the job-specific personality traits and performance predictors, the candidate’s interest in the post, and the likeness of the personal value system those of the employing firm.
    5. Only invite people to meet the criteria listed above, and encourage others to stay in the database to be promoted to other jobs.
    6. With the short list, go to the direct manager and, using the CBI (Comportamental Behavior Interview) methodology, help him make the best choice.
    7. Provide the manager with the information needed for proper workplace induction.
    8. Make an interview with the new employee to check on workplace adaptation after a maximum of one month from hiring.
    9. Listen to his needs to reach his goals and help him reach them.
    10. Take interview when employee leaves (exit interviews) to optimize your recruitment process.

    This good practice model and even is available on AquacultureTalent, where companies with or without in-house recruiter or hiring manages, have the control and the possibility to work closely with our recruiters in a perfect partnership.

    If you respect good practice, your replacement costs for employees, medical leave and free days will decrease, retention and productivity will increase, and the wellbeing, as mentioned and desirable by all, will make its presence effective with ultimate effect on productivity.

    AquacultureTalent – Connecting great talent with the Aquaculture and seafood industry

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