What Happens When Job Descriptions are Unclear?

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    Earlier this year we walked you through the key elements of a proper job description. Building a job description is a thorough job between people with similar roles, hiring managers, and HR departments. Sometimes, however, organizations do not take the needed effort and time to build them properly. What happens when Job descriptions are Unclear?

    Attract the Wrong Job Seekers

    Recruitment processes are often well taught and planned. And it all starts with a good job description. One which will help you gaining attention and being appealing to prospective candidates that fill the requirements. If this initial approach you have to the job seekers market is not well done then it is very likely that you will get applicants that do not meet the requirements you are actually looking for.

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    If you are explicit and transparent with what you are looking for, then qualified candidates will be a majority among your applicants. People who do not meet your requirements will be discouraged from applying.

    Slow Recruitment Process

    Recruitment is a set of streamlined processes. Comprised of a lot of people. That will allow you to find candidates that fit your profile. These processes often begin with an AI-enhanced sourcing process. These AI systems are programmed referenced back at your job description. If the job description is unclear or wrong, then this initial process will also be.

    If your recruitment process does not have these types of systems, you still have recruiters in your team. These recruiters will be working over unclear or wrong information. May need to come back to hiring managers after a few attempts with candidates that did not fit the manager’s expectations. This will take the vacancy’s rewriting. Which means more time is going to be put into this process.

    Always include in your job description information that is essential. Study and evaluate the job description before handing it over to other departments. The time you invest in doing this will save you a lot of time in the long run.

    Wrong Hires

    unclear job description

    This is the reason why your recruitment process starts way before you plan to recruit someone. Your organization needs to be structured in a way you understand so you can easily work with the departments and their recruitment needs. Once you know who you are as an organization, and what your needs actually are, it is easier to point out who the ideal candidate would be. If you don’t know all these, you will never identify your ideal candidate’s profile and will likely hire the wrong person.

    Which will lead to awkwardness, and employee turnover. But also to you losing the time you invested in the initial recruitment process, as well as the money spent through it.

    How To Avoid an Unclear Job Description?

    We have shown you how making mistakes in your Human Resources Processes can be costly for your organization. And having wrong and unclear job descriptions are not the exception. At AquacultureTalent we will work with every department involved with your vacant roles and future openings. This way we design and tailor every process according to your characteristics and needs. Saving you time, money and giving you peace of mind. Contact us today!

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