Why is Finding Talent in Aquaculture so Hard?

Why is Finding Talent in Aquaculture so Hard?

The paradox of modern recruitment is in how many Professional networks and digital sourcing networks there are that people are a big part of. However, as time goes by it is harder for companies in the Aquaculture and Seafood industries to find the right talent for their organization. But why has it become harder when they have a plethora of tools and methods to find people through? We will address that issue today.

Unmatched Profile

This is the first issue organizations face when trying to find the right talent. Sometimes job openings are created because someone that has been in the organization is retiring or leaving. Then the requirements to fill the position basically become the profile of the person that's leaving. This profile can be unmatched because the truth is everyone's career path can be different depending on their personal goals and background. Most of the time these role requirements are not built with an exhaustive and comprehensive approach.

And here comes the first paradox within the paradox of talent in Aquaculture. People can't get a job because they don't have experience. But how can they get experience if they don't get the job? And this is especially important when our current workforce has a high proportion of newly grads, as well as people who have gained practical experience but without earning a degree.

Finding your organization can't fill vacant roles is a great opportunity to go back on your steps. Check what requirements have you set for the job. It is also important to note that the "perfect candidate" can be out there. However, there are some things you need to sacrifice in order to be able to get this gemstone. Evaluate if the tools and ways you are using to advertise your openings is the right one. Things that can and should be learned while on the job, are not to be listed as requirements. Only list as requirements those skills, pieces of knowledge, and conditions that are necessary from day one.


Are you not being able to secure candidates because they decide to remain in their current organizations? Are you not able to suffice the market expectations? Your Company or your salaries are not being attractive enough for the right talent. Job seekers are currently more focused on having a good work-life balance, feeling comfortable in the organization, and being a part of a company that encourages their growth. Rather than just how much they can receive on a monthly basis. Your appeal to job seekers is tightly linked to a good employer brand. It is not uncommon to be unable to find the right talent because you are not the right employer.

Research how are the work conditions at other companies in the Aquaculture and Seafood industry. Learn what the candidates are actually looking after in order to join a new organization. Reevaluate what and where you can change and improve your own conditions. Do you need to become more flexible to be more appealing to top talent? How are you measuring employee productivity? Where can you reduce business costs in order to have a better budget for career growth and Human Capital development? These and other elements are key in order to develop the right Employer Branding strategies for your organization.


The Aquaculture and Seafood industries rely heavily on international talent. This is because it is such an innovative industry. Where you find new technologies, solutions, and studies every day. And we find organizations wanting to jump aboard these innovations because being innovative puts you above the competition in many ways. But, when is wanting to be innovative in a heavily global market an obstacle? When your organization or your country's legislation is not open to international and global talent.

The truth is, some countries have more advanced knowledge and talent within the industry. And this is a country that is constantly feeding itself from its own advancements and developments. And we find for example countries like Norway and Chile with a talent pool of prepared and experienced individuals that can feed the talent pool in other countries' industry. However, some companies in need of these individuals can not get their talent because of these regulations.

At AquacultureTalent we can help you. Not only at finding the right talent for your organization with our tailored recruitment services. But also at evaluating your organization and develop the right employer branding strategies that will gain you appeal and trust from job seekers. Contact us today

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