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Blue Star Foods has signed a new USD 1 million (EUR 928,16 million) supply agreement with Bloomin’ Brands. Although the new contract was announced in June, it began in April and will run through the remainder of 2023.

Approximately 115,000 pounds of pasteurized crab meat has been delivered to Bloomin’ Brands for its crab-related menu. And this is just the beginning.

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Blue Star products would compose the star menu selections of the Crab-Topped Barramundi menu. One dish consists of a delicious white fish from the northern coast of Australia, seasoned and seared, then topped with crab and lemon butter.

John Keeler, Chairman and CEO of Blue Star Foods, commented, “We are very excited to enter into this new relationship with Bloomin’ Brands for its Outback Steakhouse locations. Our crab meat enabled them to launch new & existing menu items. We feel confident with our outstanding quality & service, that there is an opportunity to expand further with Bloomin’ Brands and its other wonderful restaurant concepts and menus.”

About Blue Star Foods

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Blue Star Foods Corp. is an integrated ESG seafood company that processes, packages, and sells high-value seafood products. The company claims to use best-in-class technology in both resource sustainability management and traceability, as well as environmentally friendly packaging. It also owns and operates the oldest continuously operating RAS full grow-out salmon farm in North America, located in British Columbia.

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