“Behind every bite of seafood, there are women”. SAGE receives a grant from Builders Initiative to ensure an equal seafood sector

“Behind every bite of seafood, there are women”. SAGE receives a grant from Builders Initiative to ensure an equal seafood sector

Seafood and Gender Equality (SAGE), a non-profit initiative working to champion gender equality in the seafood industry, has received a philanthropic grant of $400,000 from Builders Initiative to further its mission "to ensure a more inclusive, diverse, and equal seafood sector". According to SAGE's announcement, this grant "sends a strong signal that there is a critical need to advance women's power and influence in the seafood sector and that gender equality and empowering women are priorities".

Continued support from Builders Initiative

"Behind every bite of seafood, there are women—from those who harvest at sea, to those who carefully process our seafood, to those who lead in the seafood sector. We are proud to support SAGE and its vision of a seafood sector that benefits from gender equity", said Laura Rodriguez, Oceans Program Officer at Builders Initiative. "Thanks to organizations like SAGE, we believe more women of all ages will be part of our growing blue economy. The impact of this work is generational".

This is not the first grant Seafood and Gender Equality has received from Builders Initiative. The non-profit organization states that thanks to a previous contribution in 2021, SAGE was able to develop "a robust strategic plan and strong foundation for future impact and growth, increased attention around the issues of gender inequality in the seafood sector and sparked a movement to acknowledge critical contributions of the invaluable yet invisible women in seafood".

SAGE, which will turn two next October, trusts this $400,000 grant will set it on an even greater path to impact. "This incredible support from Builders Initiative allows us to scale on our initial momentum and continue to center women as we search for solutions to address some of the greatest challenges facing our ocean", claims SAGE's founder, Julie Kuchepatov.

About Builders Initiative and SAGE

Builders Initiative is the philanthropic team of Builders Vision, an impact platform dedicated to supporting people and organizations building a more humane and healthier planet. This strategic philanthropy includes grantmaking, impact investing, and collaborating with non-prof­its, busi­ness­es, and oth­ers work­ing towards sus­tain­able solu­tions to soci­etal and envi­ron­men­tal chal­lenges. Their primary impact areas to engage with their partners are food and agriculture, climate and energy, oceans, and community.

Seafood and Gender Equality (SAGE) is on a mission to elevate, amplify and integrate diverse voices in the global seafood sector to build a more resilient industry. To achieve this, they work by building community and capacity, supporting the seafood industry and non-profit organizations to mainstream gender into their day-to-day operations, and through education and awareness. According to their vision, an inclusive seafood industry that embraces gender equality and empowers women will lead to an abundant supply of environmentally and socially responsible seafood for future generations.

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