The Port Authority of Cadiz receives an application for aquaculture facilities

Cadiz views. Photo by: Adobe Stock.
Cadiz views. Photo by: Adobe Stock.

The Port Authority of Cadiz (Andalusia, Spain) has received an application from the company Fish & Seafood 2022 SA for launching a fish farm for the intensive breeding of sea bream and sea bass.

In the last decade, this space within the Port Authority has taken on great importance, thanks to the development of aquaculture in Spain. Names such as Fitoplancton Marino dedicated to the cultivation of microalgae; Futuna Blue España, the first lemon fish hatchery; and Blennius for fattening in recirculation system in lemon fish aquaculture are some of the industries that have been built.

Little by little aquaculture has been growing in Spain. In addition, it is expected that the latest legislative developments in Spain can continue to grow, especially in areas such as Cadiz.

According to what has been published in the BOE (Official State Gazette of Spain), in one month more applications may be submitted for the space requested. This could be the first step towards a leading role in aquaculture in Spain.

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