Norwegian salmon in France makes a positive comeback

After harsh criticism for a French TV documentary in 2013, Norwegian salmon is back in the hearts of the French.
French magazine. Photo by: Norwegian Seafood Council.
French magazine. Photo by: Norwegian Seafood Council.

Trine Horne, Norway's seafood ambassador, explained that after the controversy about Norwegian salmon in France, it has finally demonstrated its good reputation. Thus, according to surveys, most French people have a favorable opinion of Norwegian salmon.

In 2013, a highly critical French TV documentary was released, raising doubts about the Norwegian salmon. As a result, France, one of Norway's key salmon markets, underwent a period of uncertainty. Nevertheless, in recent times, French consumers have regained their trust in Norwegian salmon.

Trine explained that the Seafood Council has been working on this purpose: to recover the harm caused by French television. A survey in 2020 showed that the long-term work paid off, and Horne believed it was time to be bolder in marketing Norwegian salmon. The result has been even better results than expected.

The Ipsos survey, conducted on behalf of the Norwegian Seafood Council, clearly reveals the noticeable changes in French consumers' perceptions of Norwegian salmon. The survey thoroughly examined their thoughts, associations, and preferences, yielding impressive results. Norwegian salmon has successfully regained the trust of the French market.

However, it's not all good news, with 17% of respondents still declaring that they have less faith in Norwegian salmon. Horne remained positive and explained that while negative reviews of Norwegian salmon in France still exist, it is a minority; one to keep working on.

Trine Horne. Photo by: Norwegian Seafood Council.

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