MMC First Process and Apria Systems together to ensure better water quality in RAS systems

MMC First Process and APRIA Systems reached an agreement to deliver efficient water quality solutions for the RAS systems in aquaculture.
Fountain water. Photo by: Adobe Stock.
Fountain water. Photo by: Adobe Stock.

MMC First Process and APRIA Systems reached a strategic agreement to deliver reliable and efficient water quality solutions for the aquaculture industry. Through it, they could bring to the market a new solution that addresses one of the challenges to RAS systems: the variations in water quality.

An agreement in which both companies combine their knowledge and experience. On the one hand, MMC First Process in fish handling solutions. On the other hand, APRIA Systems' in-depth expertise in water treatment and its state-of-the-art water treatment solution Eloxiras.

"We are confident this strategic partnership will boost our mutual business opportunities within the wellboat and land-based aquaculture markets. […] We are happy to include this product range in our portfolio," stated Petter Leon Fauske, CEO of MMC First Process.

The process is based on electrochemical oxidation, which, as a result, removes nitrogen compounds (including ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates) and organic matter. It also provides on-site disinfection at the same time. Thus, it provides a predictable and stable water quality in a single step, making it a successful formula for improving the productivity, profitability, efficiency, and environmental impact of marine RAS systems.

" Eloxiras is a one-of-a-kind solution for fish welfare. Therefore, turnkey solution will provide significant advantages to customers to ensure water quality independently of water temperature, sudden changes in biomass densities, short-time operations or water exchange limitations. We believe these are key features contributing to our customers' competitive position in the aquaculture market," said Pedro Gómez, CEO of Apria. 

Petter Leon Fauske (CEO), Axel Arruti (COO), Sara Dominguez (CCO), Eivind Vinje (VP R&D), Pedro M. Gomez (CEO). Photo by: MMC First Process.

About MMC First Process

MMC FIRST PROCESS is a Norwegian company now revolutionizing the seafood industry worldwide. With expertise in fish handling, processing, and refrigeration, it offers system solutions for wild catch and aquaculture. Thus, with three strategic locations, its 200 employees bring extensive industry knowledge to the table. As such, the company is dedicated to working with customers to become a leader in efficient and responsible ocean handling.

APRIA Systems dedicates itself to providing clients with innovative alternatives for stream treatment, purification, and valorization, delivering customized solutions. Established in 2006 as a spin-off of the University of Cantabria's R&D projects is profoundly influenced by its commitment. This expertise team enables the company to deliver cutting-edge solutions tailored to address the specific challenges faced by clients.

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