Kinanomics, the project to restore oceans and revitalize the seafood market

Kinanomics, the project of Evirostat, Ngati Porou Seafoods Groups, and Urchinomics that aims to create a high-value aquaculture industry from kinas, a type of malnourished sea urchin.
Kina Sea Urchin New Zealand. Photo by: Adobe Stock.
Kina Sea Urchin New Zealand. Photo by: Adobe Stock.

Kinanomics, the project of EnviroStrat, Ngati Porou Seafoods Groups, and Urchinomics to create a high-value aquaculture industry from malnourished kinas, a type of sea urchin, aims to create employment opportunities while supporting the restoration of seaweed and marine ecosystems.

These sea urchins feed on seaweed, and the population is so abundant around New Zealand that in many areas, there is insufficient seaweed for this particular sea urchin to sustain itself. Typically, the kina remains in the same location, resulting in stagnant growth due to the limited food supply.

Thus, the project is exploring the feasibility of enhancing wild-caught kina from land-based aquaculture systems to produce a delicacy. This is because kina roe is highly valued in East Asian markets, making even the demand for this delicacy significantly outstrip the global supply. Therefore, this project would achieve a double goal in the same project. On the one hand, removing the kina from the moorlands will allow the regeneration of the coastal reefs. On the other hand, a new product is on the market.

Moreover, seaweed will also be used to help the system to regenerate in greater depth. Throughout the pilot program, the three companies leading the project will look for opportunities to invest directly in active seaweed regeneration. This will include exploring ways to accelerate recovery through seagrass planting in the moorlands.

How do the three companies join forces?

Each company has a specific task in the evolution of the project and is involved in three fundamental phases for the project idea to flourish.

EnviroStrat is an integral advisor to the natural resources sector and developer of impact investment projects. This company is in charge of leading the pilot project.

Ngati Porou Seafoods will handle the market sales side of the business. To this end, it will leverage the already strong market links it has developed through its fishery exports over many years to bring Kinanomics' product to interested areas.

Finally, Urchinomics provides IP, its proprietary feed, market access, and experience in developing pilots in other parts of the world. New Zealand is the latest country to pilot the Urchinomics methodology, with others underway in Japan, Norway, the United States, and Canada.

About EnviroStrat

Founded in 2009 by Dr. Nigel Bradly, EnviroStrat is an innovative organization that addresses environmental challenges through practical solutions. Their multidisciplinary team of specialists combines science, technology, policy, economics, legal, and investment expertise to advocate for and execute natural resource projects that deliver environmental improvements and positive financial returns.

About Ngati Porou Seafoods Group

Ngati Porou, a defiant Maori community, actively advocates for Maori interests and sustainability in fisheries. They operate an export-certified processing factory, selling fresh and frozen products domestically and internationally. Strategic partnerships drive their growth and asset management. Ngati Porou prioritizes compliance, sustainability, and research to ensure long-term environmental health and innovation in seafood.

About Urchinomics

Urchinomics dedicates itself to rehabilitating oceans and restoring the profitability of Kelp Forests for the betterment of our planet. Their approach involves removing overgrazing sea urchins and facilitating the natural regeneration of barren seafloors into thriving kelp forests. After removal, they cultivate these sea urchins on land and offer them as premium seafood to global restaurantsThrough their pioneering restorative aquaculture venture, Urchinomics aims to transform ecologically destructive sea urchins into valuable seafood products.

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