The world’s first sustainably-manufactured corral is ready to prove its worth

After two years of work by the AKVA group, the world's first corral made of disused nets provided by Nova Sea is ready for testing.
Launch of the world's first recycled pen. Source: AKVA group.
Launch of the world's first recycled pen. Source: AKVA group.

After two years of work by the AKVA group, the world's first corral made of disused nets provided by Nova Sea is ready for testing after being approved and certified by two collaborating companies that have validated the quality of their plastics: Plasto and Oceanize.

Sustainable work now undergoes testing at Varpet, a Nova Sea facility. Through these tests, it is expected that they will be able to take the next step towards meeting the strict standards and regulations for the plastic used to ensure the prevention of leaks in aquaculture facilities.

"For Nova Sea, it has been important to be a part of this project, and we are proud that the new recycled pens will be tested at our sites, while also originating from our own disused pens. The fact that the used pens we supply will no longer be incinerated but used for new pens is fantastic. This is simply a milestone for all of us," said Odd Stensland, Technical Manager of Aquaculture at Nova Sea.

At the first news of the project, the Minister of Fisheries, Bjørnar Skjæran, also praised the project on TV2. He considered it a demonstration of the potential for promoting a circular economy and sustainable practices. Skjæran was also optimistic about its impact on the industry as well as the results of preliminary tests.

More for the environment that reused plastic

Contrary to expectations, this project's sustainability doesn't just stem from recycled materials; it's also rooted in its conception.

AKVA Group, Oceanize, and Plasto collaborated to create this pen in Norway, reducing its carbon footprint through a local supply chain, potentially cutting it by two-thirds compared to new plastic pens. This results in a smaller carbon footprint, less waste, and a second life for the material.

"AKVA group and Nova Sea are leading the way and doing something we need many more companies to do – creating a closed loop for the plastic they use. The plastic from fish farming pens will be both recyclable and derived from recycled plastic, and we hope that this will inspire many others," said Cecilie Lind, General Manager of Norwegian Retailers' Environment Fund. 

A history between the two companies that goes beyond

Akva Group sees this project as a "natural continuation of our long-standing collaboration" with Nova Sea.

In 1974, Mo i Rana produced the world's first plastic pen at Lovund fish farmers' request. Almost 50 years later, AKVA Group's Missouri facility crafted the first recycled plastic pen.

"In a way, the circle is complete. We are proud of both the history and, most importantly, what we have achieved now," said Freddy Bakken Braseth, General Manager of AKVA group in Mo i Rana. AKVA Group commits to reducing virgin plastic use to lower the carbon footprint and promote circular value chains. "We use 7,000-8,000 tons of raw material per year and aim to incorporate as much recycled plastic as possible. Retired pens have the advantage of maintaining high plastic quality, making them suitable for recycling. Nova Sea has been an important partner for us for many years, and the fact that we can retrieve the recycled plastic from their own pens and deploy the new pen at their site is quite interesting."

About Nova Sea

Steinar Olaisen, a pioneer in the Norwegian salmon industry and the founder of Nova Sea, left a lasting legacy. Steinar Olaisen's commitment to honesty, integrity, quality, and sustainability remains the guiding force behind Nova Sea's operations. From 1,200 smolts in 1972 to 12,000,000 salmon yearly, Nova Sea evolved into Northern Norway's prominent salmon producer.
Employees' dedication and competence were crucial for this remarkable journey, without whom these achievements wouldn't have been possible. For that reason, upholds Steinar Olaisen's "Perfect Balance" vision and LAKS values – Local, Responsible, Competent, and Proud – in all operations.

About AKVA Group

AKVA Group's global presence spans multiple countries, fostering innovation, sustainability, and a pioneering spirit in aquaculture. A dynamic team propels AKVA Group, which maintains a global presence across Europe, South America, North America, Asia, and Oceania. Their solutions and services harmonize to enhance fish performance while improving customer profitability and sustainability. AKVA Group's journey, led by Norwegian visionaries, saw aquaculture as a job creator and promoter of healthy diets.
As a global company, it unites to pursue a better future, seizing tech and solutions for profitable, sustainable outcomes.

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