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Garware Technical Fibres (GTF) has launched an improved version of its rope: X2 AQUA NEO. A version that fulfills the highest international standards and offers impressive strength and resistance to adversity conditions for farming.

Daily, salmon farms are increasing the number of cages. This means that they are located in more exposed areas and have to hold more fish. Thus, these technical requirements are not always easy and must be accompanied by the latest innovations, which is why X2 AQUA NEO has been created.

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X2 AQUA NEO is a new state-of-the-art, high-performance rope for aquaculture invented by Garware Technical Fibres. It is composed of strong, lightweight, and safe polyolefin ropes with higher strength and lower elongation in comparison to its predecessor, X2 AQUA.

This upgraded version is suitable for exposed areas, deep water, strong currents and winds. “The quality of the fiber is such that, the smaller the diameter, offers the same strength,” said Marcos Jofré, a business associate of GTF.

Technical improvements

The main characteristic of X2 AQUA NEO is its relation to the strength versus weight indicator. This represents a greater handling speed, with lower installation costs and also in anchoring. Thanks to these characteristics, the use will significantly reduce the material need it, therefore improving the environmental footprint of the salmon farm.

One of the difficult parts of the ropes are the fatigue that movements of the sea generate in anchor lines. “In the case of the tensile fatigue test, it delivers the load limit at one thousand cycles, the standard calculates the cycles equivalent to 80% to break”. Moreover “in underwater engineering, certain resistances are required for the lines; we develop braided ropes of eight strands or cords that cover the entire spectrum of possible resistances required in aquaculture”, the executive specifies.

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Besides, this rope is also certified under Norwegian Standard 9415 (NS9415), which means that comply with international standards.

About Garware Technical Fibres

So Garware Technical Fibres Ltd is one of India’s leading players in the technical textiles sector. From 1976 to nowadays the company today is multi-divisional and multi-geographical. Their technical textiles always provide world-class innovative solutions. For instance, some of their performance are aquaculture cage nets, different fishing nets, coated fabrics, polymer ropes , and geosynthetics.

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